Happy 1-Month Birthday to (never home)maker!

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

(never home)maker has been rocking your world for exactly one month today! And what a month it has been. The holidays mean good food and crafty projects -- and they aren't in short supply on this site. We thank those of you who have joined us on our blog journey (there are nearly 170 of you as of this morning). We're all for celebrations -- so we'd like to announce that when (never home)maker reaches 250 subscribers, we're hosting our very first giveaway!

Feel like reminiscing with us? Why not check out our very first post . . . or browse through last month's highlights below (we're happy to report we've been featured in CRAFT, Serious Eats, and One Pretty Thing).

Chocolate-Blueberry Tart
In my opinion, this recipe yielded more of a pie than a tart . . . and I attribute this result to my inexperience with baking either treat. Regardless of what you call it technically, it's VERY good. I'm talking amazed-because-it-tastes-like-something-I-would-order-at-a-fancy-restaurant good. Keep reading . . .

Pumpkin Soup
& Pumpkin Loaf: Craft's Goli Mohammadi gave us an official blog love nod by writing that (never home)maker has "so many mouth-watering recipes to offer" that is was "hard to pick which one to share" -- w00t! Keep reading . . . (or learn how to make your own Pumpkin Puree for use in these recipes).

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake: I must add chocolate to just about everything, it seems. And this vegan coffee cake is no exception. Great for a chilly Sunday morning (or just whenever the mood strikes), this treat is sure to please most anyone in your home. Keep reading . . .

Crafty Yarn Ornaments
: Feeling festive? So were we when we made these pretty little ornaments that are currently adorning our tree. The story goes: I was browsing the net, drooling over Anthropologie, as usual, when I came upon their holiday decor section. Among the many (many, many) pretty things to bling out your tree where these artful, felt & yarn ornaments. Problem was, they were like $50 each. Keep Reading . . .

So there you have it.
One month of crazy blogging cut down into one easy post. Remember to check out December's Blog Love Fest if you haven't already. And stay tuned for more great tips and tricks (including one crazy DIY project we're planning to complete on our first FREEKEND) to come very soon!

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