Lunch Project: Knitting

>> Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Until recently, I'd leave the office for my half-hour lunch. Maybe take a walk around campus. Maybe just hit the food court to grab something to eat. But I realized this week that it's just too darn cold to venture far from my little nook . . . and it will be until March or even April.

I'm settling in for the winter. Officially.

Drinking a ridiculous amount of Red Zinger tea; feasting on my lunch of PB&J, string cheese, and my daily apple; and knitting. I'm actually quite terrible at knitting. You should see my form: I sit with one needle in between my knees and use the other to feverishly craft the same sloppy scarf over and over again. (Note: I make sure to keep my door closed during this activity -- so my coworkers, except those reading this post, won't think I'm strange.) I did learn the stocking stitch at one point . . . but it's too difficult for me to remember what row I'm on at any given time.

I've found that I enjoy spending my lunch crafting. I, like you, I'm sure, don't get much time to do it -- so it's also fulfilling in that I'm making good use of my (small) break.

My questions for you all: What do you do for lunch? Have any suggestions on how to better spend that bit of respite in the middle of a busy day? Have any projects you're working on? Any great lunch recipes -- something quick and easy -- that makes those last four hours fly by? And knitters out there . . . do you have any suggestions for me? I'd like to move beyond the scarf at some point in my life!

Also: (never home)maker is now on Twitter. Come say hi! At the present moment, we're rather lonely :)

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