We've Decked the Halls

>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

We finally decorated our house for the holidays! A sunny, cold Sunday afternoon provided the perfect conditions for our annual decking of the halls. I don't know why when I just wrote that, my thoughts automatically went to Silence of the Lambs. Similar grammatical construction, I know, but still very odd and most inappropriate!

Anyway! As you may notice, the cat's really did a number on our tree last year. For, after we carefully installed most of the ornaments on it, we were dismayed to find that only the bottom half lit up . . .

However, the rest of our cheery embellishments (including our DIY yarn ornaments) seemed to make it through the long year of storage relatively unscathed. A quick trip to CVS, another $4, and a few wraps around the tree later, we -- at last -- had the festive focal point we'd been waiting for since Thanksgiving:

We've opted for a fake tree (purchased last year at Target) since it is pretty low maintenance (only some "needles" to vacuum up) and we can reuse it year after year. As well, we've decided that to avoid more cat-related incidents, we're going to move this guy from his spot in our living room to our nearby entryway closet while we're at work. A fake tree will make this daily process much less painful.

This way, when we get home in the evening, we won't find Rivey in his favorite post (halfway up the tree) and Scully down below, playing with the crushed remnants of beach-happy Santa. (PS: Anyone with tips on how to get your cats to leave your decorations alone -- please send them our way!)

Here are just a few more photos of us decorating. Time to get ready for the work week. As well, I've added a few photos to the house tour, so head over to find shots of our living room and lonely-only bathroom.

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