No Workout is Too Short or Slow

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What has me smiling outside my cozy home in the dark on a Friday night? My workout, that's what! And it's all thanks to my new philosophy: No workout is too short or slow. After running the marathon, I got into this mode where if I couldn't run a 35 to 45 mile week (which isn't a terribly easy schedule, let me tell you), what's the point of running at all? I didn't let it impact my workouts TOO much in the past couple months (and I certainly haven't been running more than 25 miles a week), but psychologically, it did some damage. Where I used to set out on short jaunts around the neighborhood -- maybe 3 miles -- now, unless I could run over 5 or 6, I felt like I was not doing myself any good.

What a weird, messed-up way of thinking! So, I called myself out on it Friday night. It was a warm 36 degrees, and I got off from work on time for once. However, I wasn't exactly in the running mood (if you read my earlier post, I was more in a pizza-monster mood). Stephen suggested I just do two miles to get outside for a while. Psssh... Two miles. That's for babies . . . I'm a MARATHONER forgodssake! (I don't really mean that, but you get the point.) With enough encouragement, I decided to get my butt off the couch and into some sweatpants. Strap on my new Garmin watch. And return 18 or so minutes later.

The first five minutes of the run were kind of blah. But then something happened. Being outside after a long day at my desk felt AMAZING. The weather was absolutely perfect. And breathing in the crisp air made me feel invincible. I ended up taking a detour that added one point two miles to my originally decided upon distance. I would have kept going, but felt content doing less for once.

What's my point? Do I just feel like bragging? Did I just want to show the world what a fashion disaster I was that night? No. If anything at all, I'd like to share with you the new wisdom I'm employing in my every day life. No run (or bike ride, walk, etc.) is too short or slow. Even if you don't feel like it. Get outside and try something small. You may end up grumbling and still being sour about the whole experience. But I almost guarantee you won't. So whether it's half a mile, a mile, two, or more . . . you're still doing yourself good both physically and mentally.

Just something to consider the next time you find yourself grumpy and no-so enthused about working out.

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