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>> Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm certainly not the best photographer in the entire world. However, I do like some of my shots. And it's strange. Now that Flickr stores absolutely all my photos, I've stopped getting them printed. I've stopped creating physical photo albums. And I've never framed anything of my own.

That is . . . until now. You can do it, too . . . just follow these easy steps!

STEP 1: I picked out three of my better works and enhanced them a bit (even if you don't have photoshop -- Flickr has tools you can use). Mostly added a bit more contrast. Or converted to grayscale . . .

STEP 2: I went to Image Kind and ordered large-format prints. I knew I wanted to group the photos together, so I decided on three different sizes . . . but if you choose to follow these steps, you can do whatever you want (of course). Just make sure to pay attention to the resolution warnings when you order.

If you don't -- you may end up with blurry prints. And if you're not much of a photog, you can also browse the site and buy prints of other members' shots.

STEP 3: I waited. And waited. And waited for affordable frames. Luckily, Kohl's was having a 50% off sale the other day . . . and I snagged three frames for under $50! Best part -- the frames came with great matting . . . and though it didn't exactly match my photo size, it worked well enough for me to display.

I've found that places like Michael's and A.C. Moore often have super awesome sales on frames. So shop around. You'll be glad you did.

Here are some other shots (I took during vacation -- which is almost over . . . boo!) that I'm considering framing:

On another note: If you have yet to add yourself/your blog to the January Blog Love Fest -- do it now! You have until January 10th before the list closes. As well, I'll be posting a sidebar image to give everyone easy access to the growing reading list.

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