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>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hey, everyone! Those of you who have been reading the site for a while know all about the Foodie Book Club. It's this little group we started to read books related to recipes, cooks, foodie bloggers, etc. You also may know that as the head of this group, I've slacked a lot this summer. In fact, I haven't read a single book. Well, until now. And I'll be posting my review of Julie Powell's Julie and Julia within the week.

I'd like to catch everyone up to speed. Here are the books the club has read/reviewed so far.
When we started the club, we had a TON of interest. We recognize however, that it's hard to keep up. Lives get in the way. As well, we haven't been the best organized, but we're motivated to change. So, if you're new to the blog and you'd like to join, don't be intimidated.

We have MOVED the club from (never home)maker to a new home on Good Reads. If you'd like to OFFICIALLY sign up, just create an account on GR and search for the "foodie book club." You'll see our smiling faces. Or follow this link to find the Foodie Book Club directly.

Here's some more info:
  • Each month, we read a book chosen by majority (or just that sounded interesting to us). If you'd like to suggest books for consideration, please email us or leave a comment on the board. Currently, we have a list set through November.
  • We'll read the book and then post about it starting last Friday of the month. How? We'll post a thread calling for all your reviews. Simply add your link to the reply.
  • With our new home on Good Reads, we're going to allow you to post your reviews at any time, no deadline. But we'd appreciate if you could get it in within one week from the posting date. Just leave a PERMAlink to your post, not the link to your general blog page. Good Reads also allows those of you without a blog to participate. Just link to your Good Reads review.
  • Posts need not only be text and a general summary. You may pick a specific section you particularly enjoyed and tell us why. You could post a video where you talk about your reactions. You could create a recipe that you felt inspired to make by reading. A photo response. I'll say it again: Anything goes.
  • And we know that things come up in life that might make participation in any given month a complete in-possibility. We ask that you try to not miss too many months (but, again, we're all busy -- so, we get it).
  • To sign up, just visit the Foodie Book Club on Good Reads. Follow instructions to join. And join. If you have questions, we'd be happy to help!
Also: If you'd like a button for your sidebar so everyone can know you're in the club, just grab the one below!

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