GIVEAWAY: Martha Stewart's Cooking School cookbook

>> Monday, February 8, 2010

You may have been with us for our last giveaway -- when we celebrated reaching 250 subscribers with prints from the (never home)maker print shop. Now we've reached yet another milestone -- 574 subscribers. And that's definitely call for a celebration! So what's our Something for Nothing Giveaway this time? You'll be pleasantly surprised!

A couple weeks ago, I started a discussion about everyone's favorite cookbooks. And a lot of mine are in the Martha Stewart collection. So I felt it was appropriate to give away a brand-spankin'-new copy of one of my favorites: Martha Stewart's Cooking School! Though this hefty book isn't entirely vegetarian, it provides priceless tips on how to poach and coddle eggs . . . braise veggies and cream spinach . . . as well as perform a variety of delicious dessert techniques. Etc.

(More info from the Martha Stewart Website:)

Class is in session, and Martha Stewart is your instructor! This amazingly informative cookbook features over 200 delicious recipes with step-by-step photographs that don't just teach you what to cook, but how to cook it.
  • 200 recipes arranged by cooking technique
  • Hardcover, 480 pages
  • Over 500 photographs
  • Tips on equipment, ingredients and every other aspect of the kitchen

Looking to make this awesome book your very own? Entering isn't hard -- and selection will be at random (using Tara's Random Number Generator). Here's the scoop:
  • THE GOODS: One (1) copy of Martha Stewart's Cooking School cookbook.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words COOK THE BOOK somewhere in your post.
  • IN ADDITION: Tell us what cooking technique you have yet to master and would like guidance on. And anything else you'd like to tell us :)
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, February 11th at 9:00PM EST
  • PRIZE SHIPS: USA only (I'm sorry -- I know many of you are from Canada and beyond . . but USA only for now, we're working on it...)
  • ALSO: To win, I need your email address -- so please provide it (or your blog link so I can find it -- just some way of contacting you) or, unfortunately, you cannot win. 
  • PS: One entry per email address is allowed. The winners will be selected using Tara's Random Number Generator (then I'll go through and make sure I get one person for each photo) and announced Friday morning.

Some other bits of information in a handy YES/NO format:
  • Yes -- the winners will totally be random. There will be NO favoritism, mom.
  • No -- you need not subscribe or follow us on twitter to win. Though, it'd certainly be nice if you'd consider. As well, you don't need to mention our giveaway on your blogs or in your tweets -- though, if you feel like it, we won't stop you! :)
  • No -- you need not purchase anything at the Print Shop to win. Period.
  • Yes -- we reserve the right to change the rules at any time (though we likely won't need to) as well as to choose winners (though still totally at random) as we see fit and fair.
  • Yes -- if you have additional questions, you can shoot us an email at 

Good luck! Thanks for reading (never home)maker . . . and tell your friends! Because the sooner we get to 1,000 subscribers, the sooner we get to our next big giveaway!

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