The Great Fortune Cookie Fail

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I set out not once, but twice this weekend to create a healthy, vegan fortune cookie inspired by the recipe included in Richard's Private Collection of Dazzling Desserts. I failed miserably at both attempts. To review, this is the texture and shape I was trying to achieve . . . you know, your basic fortune cookie.

Stephen made the fortunes, including one of his favorite quotes from Jurassic Park: "Stay perfectly still! Their vision is based on movement." Uh, we're both dorky weirdos. I think it's hilarious, though.

On the first try, I was too bold -- cocky, if we're being completely honest -- with my substitutions. I tried to be a hot-shot and make 'em fancier than ever. I used all wheat pastry flour. Replaced egg replacer with flax egg replacer. I added lavender, agave, and date sugar. I changed the darn thing so incredibly much it definitely wasn't a fortune cookie recipe anymore. What resulted was a moist, spongy cookie that immediately tore apart when I picked it up. Forget about trying to fold it.

This is what I got:

The second try got me much closer to Richard's gorgeous example. I mostly just substituted the flax egg replacer instructions for the egg (I didn't have any Ener-G in the house) -- and that was my only change. But . . . apparently I didn't spread the batter thinly enough on the first couple tries. Mushy cookies. And when I did finally get the hang of it . . . I folded the cookie the wrong way. However, it TASTED like a fortune cookie. I declare try 2 a fail, as well. And I'll definitely need to continue my quest this coming weekend.

And, again, my failure:

Has anyone had success making vegan fortune cookies? I'd so appreciate if you shared your tips and tricks with me. Better yet, has anyone else ever failed so completely in the kitchen that not only once, but twice they've spent hours trying to make something with zero success?

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