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>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm sure by now most of you have seen the site's new look. It isn't anything drastic. Just a new header and background, really. But if you read the fine print, we've also changed our focus. Just slightly. And we put it in writing.

Our old banner: "(never home)maker: good eats and design for those with little time."

But you'll notice the NEW banner says: "good eats and design healthy living for those with little time."

What does healthy living even mean? It's a broad term to describe being healthy in all aspects of you life.
This isn't to say we're dropping the whole design aspect of the blog (and when we say "design" we mean home decor and improvement). But we noticed that you guys and gals really responded to our beginning of the year health quest. Our "detox" of sorts. And our healthy and veggie adaptations of Man versus Food favorites THE LOVER and Juicy Lucy. We want to give you more. And, in return, we hope you'll keep loving us :)

Again, we won't stop sharing our home projects (but there are PLENTY of blogs focused on that where they know much more than we do. Young House Love, anyone?), but we'll keep churning out great posts about everything that makes our lives the healthiest they can be. You can even track my running mileage on the sidebar now. I hope this won't only motivate you all, but also me in the process.

So, that's all I wanted to tell ya. And we'd love your feedback. Does this change thrill you? Make you angry? Are you going to drop us like a hot potato? We hope you won't. Leave a comment with your thoughts or even email us at

And if you haven't already (and you're excited about the new focus), why not SUBSCRIBE to (never home)maker or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get all the latest updates and posts? We'll love you forever!

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