Racer 5 IPA: Thirsty Thursdays by Stephen

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

When we started this little blog-venture, Stephen had planned to be more a part of the daily posting schedule. But up until now, he didn't quite know how to contribute. We had a chat, and without hesitation, he wholeheartedly agreed to author a new "column" we like to call our Thirsty Thursday, a short 'n sweet post wherein he'll review a beer of his choice and share his reactions.

Stephens' definitely a beer guy, so he's the man for the job. (Here he is with his beer-of-the-month club certificate for the anniversary gift I gave him this past year.) He holds nothing back with his first post about super-hoppy beer Racer 5 IPA.

Hailing from Healdsburg, California, Bear Republic Brewing Co’s “Racer 5” India Pale Ale carries on the tradition of West Coast India Pale Ale by offering an aggressive, bitter hop, producing a cloudy complexion, and boasting a generous IBU count of 75. Don't be fooled by other reviews. This hop-lover knows that this beer means business.

The Racer pairs nicely with fish, greens, and salty snacks. It tastes best at 45 degrees F. To truly appreciate the complexity of the brew, pour into a pint glass to let it breathe, swirl to excite the head, sniff to stimulate your olfactory, and sip on a clean palate.

  • 2009 Great American Beer Festival® American-Style Strong Pale Ale – GOLD
  • 2009 Colorado State Fair – Best of Show
  • 2006 Great American Beer Festival® American-Style Strong Pale Ale – SILVER
  • 2005 Great American Beer Festival® American-Style Strong Pale Ale – SILVER
  • 1999 Great American Beer Festival® India Pale Ale - GOLD

For more information about this brew -- as well as others from Bear Republic -- check out their website: http://www.bearrepublic.com/ . . . and stay tuned for next week's Thirsty Thursday!

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