READER SPOTLIGHT: Herbivore vs. Carnivore

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

My name is Alison and I live in Canada. I'm a 20-something who is married to a wonderful man and in my spare time of never being home I enjoy traveling, cooking, and hosting, hence the title of my blog, "Hospitality Haven".  You can find me at:

I know a lot of you are probably vegetarians, but I'm also thinking there are some -- like me -- who are not (or at least have husbands or friends who are not)!  Thus presents the challenge of feeding both herbivores and carnivores!  For that reason, I posted a blog on my site to reflect hosting a meal for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.

There are many different options I offer on my site, but I'd like to share with you this one, in particular.

Option: Middle Eastern Food

Middle Eastern food has a ton of different dishes that incorporate both meat and vegetables. Middle Eastern food makes for a great meal for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I made a meal a couple of weeks ago that consisted of channa masala (a chickpea based dish), masoor daal (a lentil based dish), beef keftas (meat), naan bread, couscous, and fresh veggies. This satisfied the need for starch, protein and vegetables, and gave both vegetarians and non-vegetarians food they could enjoy.

To check out the rest (including Mexican food, pasta, and pizza), visit my blog Hospitality Haven!

Thanks to Alison for sharing with us such great ideas for meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters alike. This has been yet another READER SPOTLIGHT! And if you'd like to be featured, just check out our info post with all the gooey details about the spotlight, as well as guest posting opportunities. And keep an eye out for Sarah's Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe -- which will be featured in next Friday's post.

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