Seitan Dogs, Part 2: Toppings

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

We left you at baking the seitan dogs (Street Food: Veggie Style) . . . and now we're moving on to the toppings. First I think it's worth mentioning that we created two distinct kinds of dogs as a sort of experiment. Instead of the wet ingredients for half of our wheat gluten mixture, we put in some Ommegang Chocolate Stout, which resulted in a way different texture that exploded out of its aluminum foil cover in the oven. It's the darker of the dogs above.

If anyone's interested in creating beer dogs, all you need to do is (for a half batch) mix 3/4 cup wheat gluten, 1/8 cup nutritional yeast, and 1/2 cup beer. It's lighter. Far less dense. And interesting, for sure. If you come up with a better mixture, please let us know! We love cooking and baking with beer.

And though the first part of this series was inspired by Anthony Bourdain, we're shifting focus to what we've learned from Adam Richman (just like in our LOVER and Juicy Lucy posts). He has surely toured the US and all its hot dog variations. Using Wikpedia as our guide, we picked three varieties to make veggie:

(From left to right) Kansas City Sauerkraut Dog, The California Health Nut Dog, and Boston Baked Bean Dog. All generously topped with very special ingredients, comfortably seated in a homemade beer bun (recipe to come tomorrow).

Kansas City Sauerkraut Dog is topped with Stephen's tasty Reuben sauce. Just mix together 1/2 cup mayo (we use the kind with olive oil in it), 1/3 cup ketchup, and 1 tablespoon (or more) horseradish. That'll get you approximately 1 cup of sauce. Then simply slather sauce on the dog, throw on some sliced onions, and top with Swiss cheese. Melt to perfection on the broiler setting in your oven.

California Health Nut Dog is easy. And it features one of our favorite foods: the avocado. Cut the meat out of a nice big avocado, then mash it into submission with a bit of garlic powder until it's guacamole texture. Top with sprouts to the heavens, and enjoy the vegan goodness.

Boston Baked Bean Dog was my favorite. Heat a can of vegetarian baked beans on your stove. Then spoon a generous serving onto your dog. Add cheese of your choice (we used colby-jack) and melt. You can also add sliced onions.

And those are our awesome toppings for three very awesome dogs. If you visit the Wikipedia site with all the variations, you can make new veggie combos for pretty much every dog across the US. In the end, you just need to ask yourself if you'd rather eat this:


Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, which will reveal the fantastically easy chocolate stout (or whatever kind of beer) bun recipe. I must admit, when we finished the whole seitan dog project, I felt incredibly accomplished. Making EVERYTHING from start to finish. And if you come up with any other variations, be sure to share them with us by either commenting or emailing at

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