THIRSTY THURSDAY: Dragonslayer by Middle Ages

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to the second edition of THIRSTY THURSDAY -- a bloggy column in which Stephen writes up a little something-something about a new brew he's smitten with. We had the opportunity to travel up to Syracuse, NY to visit some of our very best friends this weekend (you might remember them all from our cooking class with friends post) . . . as well as to imbibe some brews at Middle Ages Brewery in the downtown area.

Now, without further adieu, here's the story 'bout this brew . . .

About Middle Ages: "Middle Ages Brewing Company offers handcrafted ales brewed in the fashion of medieval, merry old England. The brewery is owned by a Syracuse couple, Marc and Mary Rubenstein. Marc, the head brewer, interned at two microbreweries, Kennebunkport Brewing in Kennebunkport, Maine, and Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine."

Slaying dragons, punching beasts of burden, and seducing sultry wenches is commonplace for warriors like Conan the Destroyer. I only claim talent in the latter of these three faculties. But after a long day of the ordinary, I find a vicarious substitute in Middle Ages Dragonslayer Imperial Stout.

The brew’s smooth, full body only serves to conceal the vehement force within (9.5 ABV, which stands for alcohol by volume) – much like the thick blood fueling Conan’s vengeful guns during his most audacious of endeavors. Drunk on sheer power, Conan slays at will, and the Dragonslayer, too, takes no prisoners, only finishes the deed the first time, every time. Its masochistic victims – the (never home)makers -- always coming back for more.

The Slayer is well rounded in body and flavor, with subtle hints of cocoa and coffee (double shot). And when poured into your favorite pint glass, the deep, dark color mesmerizes you like Conan’s swordplay.

For more information, visit The Brew Basement. And if you live in the upstate NY area and want to visit Middle Ages -- just hop in your car and set your GPS to this address:

120 Wilkinson Street
Syracuse, NY 13204-2443
(315) 476-4250

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