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>> Monday, February 22, 2010

You may remember a little ditty about a no-new clothing challenge inspired by Katie over at Making this Home. Status report: Well, I've failed miserably. However, in my defense, I think I started the whole thing at a horrible time of year: Black Friday . . . which leads into X-mas. Yes. I've failed and purchased several items of clothing since then. But if we can't move past and learn from our mistakes, we aren't human. I'd like to start the challenge up again.

What prompted me to revisit this idea and admit to you my un-successfulness? Weekend cleaning -- which dominated most of Sunday, taking away from the cooking/baking/creating time I usually have to fuel this blog. Clothes are EVERYWHERE in this house. And so many that I know I never have and never will wear. But far too often I make this realization and then make an organized bag for the Salvation Army . . . literally throwing away money I've spent. It's more than disconcerting.

(However, not all trips to the Salvo need to be bad. It's a great way to organize, and if you're looking for tips on how exactly to do just that, check out Donate Your Stuff and Save Some Space.)

Here's an outfit almost entirely thrifted and mostly from the "old stuff" in my closet.

Jacket: Thrifted back in 2004
Dress: Thrifted back in 2005
T-shirt: Thrifted back in 2005
Sweater and belt: Target, Clearance rack
Scarf: TJ Max
Tights: Anne Klein
Boots: Dr. Scholl's

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