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>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you read (never home)maker? (Check!)  
Do you have something you'd like to share with us? (Maybe?)

Then you might be interested in our new READER SPOTLIGHT series. The best part is, you don't need a blog to participate. We were looking at all the good great reads we've been collecting in this month's Blog Love Fest, and it got us thinking: You're all making such tasty stuff, DIY-ing such amazing projects, writing such wonderful posts, taking such gorgeous photos . . . and we'd love to share it with everyone!

The Deal: Every Friday (starting as soon as we get submissions -- so we're talking you could perhaps be featured tomorrow if you get back to us today!) we'd like to dedicate an entire post to YOU -- and you, and you, and you, and you.

The Criteria: Just follow the guidelines below . . .
  • We'd appreciate if what you send us fits with the theme of our blog. DIY projects, recipes (of the vegan or vegetarian persuasion), budget-friendly tips and tricks, style suggestions, running and health-related musings, yoga poses, etc.
  • We'd love you include at least one photo to help describe, illustrate, etc. what you're writing about. You don't need to be a photography king or queen, but attention to detail (good lighting, etc.) is appreciated.
  • We'd be smitten if you write something brief -- however much text you feel you need to, but no more than 150 words or so (recipes can be longer, of course). So, if you don't need many words -- less is more. Don't feel you need to go on and on if you just have something short to share. 
  • We'd like if recipe submissions could be proofed carefully (so if people try to make your stuff, it will turn out right).
  • We'd be totally cool with you sharing previous posts from your blog. Just write up a brief summary and provide a link to your site.
  • We'd also very much appreciate if you include some information about you. This could just be a brief one-sentence bio . . . a photo . . . a link to your blog . . . or whatever else you think will help us know YOU more.
  • We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just leave us a comment or email us at neverhomemaker@gmail.com.

What's in it for me? Our humble site gets around 1,000 visitors a day. We have a dedicated and much-loved subscriber base of 545 people (and that's as of today, but it's growing, thanks to wonderful folks like you!). Basically, what's in it for you is an eager audience just waiting to bask in your creative genius. What's better is that sharing creates a sense of community, and you get to know your fellow readers and showcase your well-honed crafts at the same time!

Where do I sign up? If you'd like to send us something for our consideration . . . just email us at neverhomemaker@gmail.com. Please include all the information we've outlined above. Note: We likely won't be able to publish EVERYTHING we get. And sending us stuff isn't a guarantee for posting. However, we're not as picky as some other sites. We like to consider (never home)maker a blog for THE PEOPLE. No elitism here. As well, please don't send more than one item for consideration just yet. We want everyone to have a fair chance at their moment in the spotlight!

Also: If you have your own blog and would like to write something more lengthy. Consider guest posting! More details can be found on our Support (never home)maker page, as well as via email. Just send us the details about what exactly you'd like to write, and we'll chat about possible inclusion on the site. Note: All guest posts should be original material that has no been published elsewhere.

Pssssst: If you haven't had a chance yet, go check out our BLOG LOVE FEST. You can add your blog to the list we have going -- it's a fantastic way to learn about your fellow readers and find great sites to browse.

Like what you just read? You can subscribe to the feed of these posts or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be the first to know what the (never home)makers are up to. And we’ll love you forever!

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