Our House -- The Early Days: Part II

>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know you all enjoyed our "man cave" photos. Though, one of our Twitter followers argues that it's more of a "grandma basement" -- and I think I agree. And if you haven't already, check out Part I of Our House: The Early Days.

I came across tons of old photos this weekend. Photos I didn't even remember we had! I'm so happy we do, though. Because they're bad. They remind of us exactly how much we've done to this place in the just-shy-of 2 years we've lived here.

The kitchen was one of the first places we tackled. At least the wall coverings. The first photo of this post is of Stephen holding a sample of the old floral wallpaper that hung on the walls. It really was that bright. I ripped it down the morning after we moved in. The rest pulled together over several months to a year. And if you'd like to see what she looks like now, head over to our Kitchen Tour.

And we certainly enjoy the cluttered kitchen photo -- showing how crazy it was here as we moved in. As I remember, the kitchen was the place we put everything we didn't know what to do with. Sorted. Repeat. Same thing happened on the back porch. Luckily, we had pretty good weather while moving in.

The front entryway, as you may know, had a major makeover last fall. Definitely an improvement from this sparse, white-walled room.

Gotta love a Bath Fitter bathroom. I think that everything old was just covered with a new layer. We haven't removed them all yet, but in the bathroom, we've re-floored, put in a new pedestal sink and toilet, removed the shower door, painted, and other stuff. It's our only bathroom, and the way it looked when we moved in was crammed. Ick.

Ah, the living room carpet (and, really, all the carpet). We, of course, realize how intense this project was. Not only did we have to rip up the old, but the carpet pad was SO old, it was stuck to the floor. And not just stuck, cemented almost. The pad had turned to a solid, stone-like texture over the years. And we had to carefully scrape it off the floor with whatever we thought wouldn't ruin the finish. In my case, this meant a wooden kitchen utensil. To read all about our carpet eradication, check out How to Rip Up Old Carpeting.

If you'd like to see the progress we've made on the house, check out our House Tour and Kitchen Tour. There's certainly more work to be done! Have you ever taken the time to reminisce and look at old photos of your place in the early days? See anything that shocks you? We definitely had forgotten about how bad some of these rooms were. They were live-able, but everything was covered in carpet! My favorite carpet-wall-color-combo? The orange upstairs hallways and steps carpet and sherbet walls leading to the puke-green downstairs carpet.

But we can't fault the original owner. It was the style in the 1960s. We're probably doing thinks to the house now that will make 20-somethings cringe fifty years from now. Well, hopefully not. But, who knows where the styles will take us?

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