THIRSTY THURSDAY: Shipyard's Blue Fin Stout

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you're joining us late, be sure to check out Saranac's Maple Porter and Rye IPA. Or maybe Dragonslayer (by Middle Ages) or Racer 5 (by Bear Republic) strike your fancy. Today, however, I'm reviewing one of Ashley's recent favorites.

As dark as the Atlantic is wet, Blue Fin Stout pronounces itself as a strong member of Shipyard’s handsome fleet. Modeled after a classic Irish stout, Blue Fin produces the faint aroma of roasted coffee bean and liquorish, the full-bodied bitterness of dark chocolate, and the sweetness of toffee.

Its ABV of 4.7% makes hooking a few fins manageable on a weeknight . . . but to my surprise, Blue Fin doesn’t have as many lovers out there as I would have imagined. Many were turned off by the bitterness and minimal carbonation. We (never home)makers love it, though. And it'll continue to be a family favorite for generations to come.

So, the next time you’re in Portland, Maine, check out The Shipyard Brewery. We're planning to if we get the chance to drive up over the summer (Ashley's nodding her head "YES!").

86 Newbury Street
Portland, ME 04101

Oh, yeah. Be sure to stay tuned for next week's Thirsty Thursday post. My neighbor and I are starting to amass everything needed to brew our own beer. And what this means for you all is beer recipes. Tips and tricks. And more delicious, sudsy brews.

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