THRISTY THURSDAY: Scenes from Home Brewing

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

What the HECK is THAT? This weekend, my next-door neighbor and I began our first home brewing quest. We spent the entire afternoon outdoors -- building a turkey fryer, boiling water, adding ingredients, etc., etc., etc. So, instead of reviewing a new beer this week, I thought I'd give you some eye candy. Ashley took most of these photos of us as we tooled around with all our materials. I also took some video, which I'll be posting sometime in the near future.

We're not experts, so before I give instructions or write a witty how-to posts, I want to see how our first batch turns out. We're both using kits for this first round, mine is "Hop Scare I.P.A." and his is "Bavarian Wheat" . . . both should be tasty.

We spent much of the first hour just building everything. I'll explain all the parts and pieces another day. Good news: It wasn't too terribly difficult. Then we moved onto the more exciting stuff, like our ingredients. Boiling. Stirring. Waiting. Well, that part wasn't so fun.

You could even smell the hoppy goodness from across the street. That's when we gained yet another neighbor.

Like I said above, it was a gorgeous day and a good time . . . but took longer than we thought. Now everything is fermenting in our basements. We can't wait to move onto the next step -- and even move on to our second batches.

Anyone else out there enjoy home brewing? We'd love your tips, tricks, and any other suggestions! Just leave a comment or email us at

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