Welcome to Our 1960s Man Cave

>> Monday, March 15, 2010

I've been trying to save files from our failing external hard drive. In the process, I've uncovered a wealth of information -- photos, documents, etc. -- many of which (at least the photos) are of our house in its beginning stages. I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into our most embarrassing room: The Man Cave.

(Oh, and if you haven't already . . . today's a great time to check out our house and all its ugly early photos! I found even more befores this weekend that I'll share in the near future.)

No, we don't call it the Man Cave because Stephen gets to hang out there with his guy friends. It's far too cold and cruddy for that. The previous owner's late husband, however, had converted the basement (like many other men on this block) using more snazzy paneling than you can shake a stick at, maroon and tan checkered tile (which we believe contains asbestos, and we'll revisit that topic later today with a guest post), a plastic-y bar, and a strangely textured drop ceiling.

As you can see, we mostly use it for laundry:

(Wait, is that a grocery cart? Uhhh, long story on that one . . .)

But we had high hopes for this room when we first moved in. We did actually hang out down there from time to time . . . mostly to play darts and cool off (it was summer after all). What we've decided is that we'd like to convert at least half the space to a more finished look. Likely not the fanciest of rooms -- but something with a less carcinogenic floor, real walls, and better insulation so we might be able to use the room for more than 4 months per year.

But what will we do with this bar?

We definitely have our work ahead of us. And I don't imagine we'll get to this space anytime soon. This weekend we made a list of all the things we'd like to accomplish on the house in the next year. This project does not make the top of the list. Instead, it's at the bottom.

But now I'm wondering. What is your least favorite/most embarrassing room in your house? Care to share it? Or, even, what steps have you taken to renovate it on a budget? As you'll find out later today, sometimes older materials call for special handling (in the case of our possible asbestos tile). Has anyone else run into issues while bringing a room into the twenty-first century? And do you think someday people will be saying the same mean stuff about our work?

So many questions. But here's one statement: The H20 Bottle Giveaway ends today. Go check it out!

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