Blog Love Fest: Special Edition

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to a very special edition of Blog Love Fest! In previous months, I've posted a link list to share the love -- to share what our readers are writing about in their own blogs. Then I took the list down and started from scratch the next month. It's been working out great, and we've been getting some fantastic participation (just check out last month's edition).

But last night, I got a better idea. Why not start a blogLOVEroll? So, that's what I would like to do with this month's BLF.

Here's how it works. Just click below to add your blog name, name, and category to the link list. The category part is super important because it's how I'll organize the blogLOVEroll. I don't want to be too exclusive, but I'd like to stick to the following categories (the ones that best match the interest of our readers).
  • Food
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Food
  • Fitness
  • Style
  • Home
  • Budget
  • Healthy Living
If you think I've forgotten a category that matches the theme of (never home)maker, please leave a comment. Try to pick the category that represents the majority (top percentage) of your content. Just follow my example below . . .

You have until April 30th to add yourself to the list. After that point, I'll be making a tab on the top of our page where all of your links will be listed. Please note that adult and inappropriate sites will be removed. But, really, it's that easy! So, don't be shy! Share away . . . and if you've got friends who blog, send 'em this way. My goal is to get together a nice list for everyone to check out that will be permanent on the site.

Like what you just read? You can subscribe to the feed of these posts or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be the first to know what the (never home)makers are up to. And we’ll love you forever!

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