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>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have a new obsession. It's with my workout clothing. For the longest time, I'd shop around the area trying to find comfortable, pretty running and yoga tops, bottoms, and etc. But I never sniffed out anything that impressed me particularly much. And then I found Lululemon -- a Canadian-based company specializing in gorgeous, high-performance workout clothing and gear.

I could go on for days about how much I love this company. From their outreach and community efforts (promoting healthy living through exercise and self-love at any size), to their blog and twitter-ing (their staff responds to tweets in a snap -- it's awesome!). They're just nice people. And they even give the "gift of yoga" to patrons at their showrooms and storefronts. But what it all boils down to is this: their clothes rock my world.

Let's check out my loot for a moment, shall we? As you see above, I received my packages last night when I returned home from work -- but those bags you see in the photos. I didn't order them. My order came INSIDE these pretty, reusable bags . . . and that impressed me from the very start. And that's just the packaging!

What exactly did I order?

You may be thinking: "That's a lot of $$$ on workout gear!" And you're probably right. But I've been freelancing a bit, so I decided I deserved a treat. Not only that, in all the money I waste on running and yoga clothes that I dislike, I'm going to save because a few, excellent-quality pieces from Lululemon will last me years. It's like my Under-Armor cold weather running tights. I've had the same pair since I was a sophomore in college -- and that was, well, over 8 years ago (woah). They're going strong.

Back to Lululemon. Last night, I took my stuff for a test run (and stretch) -- running a quick 5.6 mile run in about 46 minutes. The temps were in the mid-70s, which is pretty warm for these parts (no, not my parts, Upstate NY). I was most impressed by the feel of the running crops. They're lightweight, and it almost feels like you're wearing nothing at all. And, then again, they're holding everything in the right place (I'm well-endowed in the glutes-region, and my jiggle was at bay). Another favorite: I absolutely love how long the racerback tank is. I have a long torso, an no naked belly was showing. Nice.

I had to christen them my doing my favorite yoga pose: Natarajasana. I'm hooked. So, if you haven't already, go check out Lululemon. You'll be happy you did! I can't wait to find a store somewhere near me so I can check out the rest of their stock.

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