Grocery Bills: Major Fail

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

OK. Before you lose all faith in this blog, in us -- consider that since we began our slashing grocery bills quest a little over a month ago, we've saved over $120 (approximately). That being said, we had a slip-up this week, mostly from laziness. Partially from overindulgence. And most definitely from lack of planning.

Here's the ugly truth in black and white:

And here's the story:

First, we can indeed deduct some amounts from this bill. We bought our beer for the week (as we mentioned in another post, beer comes from our "entertainment" fund), and that was $10. Some toilet paper, $3.50. But that's only dropping the total down to $68. Yeah, it's still (awesomely) better than when we started out, but we were averaging almost $15 beneath this total -- and still eating large, so to speak.

$15 is $15. And as we've grown older, made our own money, and paid all our own bills, every dollar counts.

I blame our situation mostly on poor planning (lack of, really, as mentioned above). We typically grocery shop on Sunday. This week, we waited until Wednesday! Which leads me to another admission of guilt: We also visited the store Monday to buy ingredients for "dinner" and spent about $30 buying random stuff. Add that to our $68, and you may see now why exactly we've failed for the week. Grand total: $98 -- approximately $45 over budget.

Back to the "real" grocery shopping day: We didn't make a list until right before we left for the store. After I had gone running and was ravenously hungry. I wanted treats of all kinds -- so throw the "one treat a week" policy out the window. We also bought lots of dairy products because we were simply craving them at the time. I can't stress enough to go shopping (and plan for shopping) on a full stomach. Your mind will be far less crowded with all the foods your body is craving, and you'll be far less inclined to want to purchase treats all at once.

In the scheme of grocery bills, this week's wasn't too entirely bad. It's more the lack of control we displayed. It's more the laziness and absence of care that went into shopping. What's worse: Though we bought many ingredients, because we didn't plan out our meals for the week, we don't have foods that necessarily match to make meals. So, the issue is complicated further.

I won't go on. What's done is done. And all we can do is work toward a better week next week. Have any of you had a total grocery bill fail? A particular total that embarrasses you? Ever feel like you left the store with a ton of food, but with -- ultimately -- no real planned meals (think radishes and peanut butter and brie)? Leave us a comment or email us at

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