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>> Friday, April 23, 2010

I take a lot of photos . . . of myself. It's a shameless activity I choose to continue by telling myself it's for the sake of "learning better photography skills." Well, that is indeed partially true, because I have discovered many things about my camera, aperture, shutter speed, lighting, etc. None of what I'm writing right now is the point of this post.

What is? Through all this self-portraiture, I've started to notice sun spots on my face. It's not so much I care how they look -- I'm in my mid-20s, it's a bit too early to be worried about any of that. What it makes me take a moment to think about, however, is the sun.

Truth is, I'm bad about applying sunscreen on a daily basis. My moisturizer has SPF 15 in it (or maybe it's 20, obviously I don't care entirely much). I only slather it on my face, though. It's not that I'm trying to tan. I never even attempt to do that, as I most usually burn after only half an hour of trying. I learned to stop that habit long ago -- confine all baking activities to the kitchen.

Or so I thought. See, through my exposure to the sun -- just through running -- each day, I'm putting myself at risk. And what about last summer with all those 3-hour 20-milers I ran in the mid-morning sun? Yeah -- it was good for my body to prepare for the marathon. But it was like I was sitting out at the beach all morning, really. I simply wasn't careful. But in writing this post, I'm hoping to inspire you (and most certainly myself) to may more attention to protecting your largest organ. (That's what she said. But, no -- really! It's your skin, at least on MOST of us, I imagine...)

By now, we all know the risks associated with unprotected sun time. If you don't know why, check out this site for more information.

Here's my question to all of you. What do you do to protect yourself from those nasty rays? Most of us know the basics (stay in the shade, wear sunscreen, wear protective clothing, etc.), but what tips and tricks beyond those one can you share with us? I hate putting on thick sunscreen before running. Especially in the heat! And it often makes me break out. So, any suggestions on good sunscreens that withstand sweating (in the case of running) are most definitely appreciated! Just leave a comment or email us at

We'll post your suggestions next week for everyone to enjoy! Now, have a lovely weekend, folks. We'll be back at it Monday with our Lehigh Valley Half Marathon report!

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