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>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To celebrate reaching 900 subscribers (906, actually -- thanks to those of you who subscribed yesterday!), I "designed" a little poster. I have this bad habit of putting the word "little" before things, but in this case, it's true. It's an 8.5 x 11 poster inspired by the Keep Calm and Carry On ones that are everywhere, it seems.

Our message? Stay Fit and Healthy Always.

If you'd like one for your very own, here are the instructions for download and print. (They're easy, I promise.) I'd recommend printing onto a piece of white cardstock using an ink-jet printer. For darker results, a laser printer will do just fine, but I haven't tested it on one.
  1. Visit our Flickr Page and click on this image. Then click the "All Sizes" icon just above the image.
  2. Download the large size of the image (it's the one that will pop up when you click "All Sizes"). Save it onto your desktop or somewhere else you'll easily remember.
  3. Go to the image on your computer, and then choose to print it full page. The poster is only designed for 8.5 x 11 printing, so if you choose to make it larger, it'll be pixel-y.
  4. Pass on this link to family, friends, acquaintances -- anyone you think will dig the message (and enjoy a pretty poster).
I'm planning to frame mine and put it in our office. Just as a reminder of what my ultimate goal is, for example, if I can't finish a run or don't PR or some other "catastrophe." I was thinking about it the other day. And no fitness/diet program fits everyone. We all have different ways we do things, but our goal really is the same: To stay fit and healthy always.

You all know that I'm a vegetarian and I run. But what is YOUR method? How do you work toward this common goal? Just leave us a comment or email us at

And if you haven't already -- go check out this month's Blog Love Fest. It's a special edition because we're not only sharing the links in a list this month. We're creating a categorized blogLOVEroll. For all the gooey details, just visit the BLF post.

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