THIRSTY THURSDAY: Scenes from Home Brewing, part 2

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unfortunately, though this beer is in glasses . . . it's not technically "ready" yet. But that doesn't mean we can't test it out anyway. As you may remember, Stephen and our neighbor Shelby are brewing their own beer (to catch the first scenes from this adventure, click here). But what you see above is Hop Scare I.P.A. and a oatmeal stout -- both in their infancy stages.

The two even made their own kegerators so we can drink in style when these babies graduate from secondary fermentation! Stephen's particularly proud of his: The Admiral (which is really an old 1950s or 1960s refrigerator left to us in impeccable condition by the previous owner of our home).

And it doesn't only LOOK cool. It actually works, too! Which begs the question: Is anyone else out in blogland looking to brew their own beer? Would you be interested in instructions and guides? Tips on creating clever kegerators. Etc.? Let us know -- because we'd be happy to write up all the juicy details once we make entirely sure our brews have been successful. Just leave a comment or email us at

Of the two, Stephen is especially proud of the oatmeal stout. He steeped espresso beans in it . . . and from a taste-test yesterday, he got the flavor notes down almost perfectly. Not too bitter, not too strong. And the color is definitely there . . . with a rich body to boot!

And if you're looking for some beer review -- you've come to the right place! Be sure to check out other tasty Thirsty Thursday posts from weeks past.

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