Day 1 in the Life of My Stomach

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

Day one of my online food diary. Actually, this has been an eye-opening experience because even when I'm "eating well," I seem to be eating less "well" than I actually think. Not that I'm eating tons of junk -- but it certainly appears I'm eating a lot of carbohydrates. Of course, athletes need carbs for fuel, etc. But I definitely need to work on getting more greens and fruits/veggies into my day after looking at today's spread. Along with breads/etc., I also tend to eat a lot of nuts.

Not much more to say right now. So, here's the day's eats in pictures . . .

  • BREAKFAST: Apple-peanut butter-honey bagel sandwich. (Much like the apple and cheese sandwich we posted the recipe for earlier.)
  • SNACK: 4 large carrots. Chopped.
  • LUNCH: Trail mix oatmeal (rolled oats with 1/4 cup all natural trail mix plus 2 tablespoons cacao nibs).
  • SNACK: Almond-coconut bar (KIND Fruit + Nut).
  • DINNER: (Too many) Pumpkin garlic knots and 1 cup of homemade vegetable stew (recipe soon!). 
  • DESSERT: 1 sunflower butter cookie (recipe soon!).
I would estimate my calorie intake today at around 2,600. And, I don't normally measure calories, so it was an interesting experiment. Though I don't think I'll regularly count . . . I'm not too thrilled with my discovery, so I may keep track for a couple days to see where I land on average. I did bike to and from work today and run a recovery mile; however, that amount of activity hardly requires 2,600 calories of fuel. I'm overeating. But without paying attention, I've likely been overeating for a while.

I learned a lot today . . . and it's only day 1! I didn't mean to sound critical of myself (above). Let me rephrase, because I actually AM being critical, but in a healthy way. I want to eat what best gives me energy and power. Right now, I think I'm just eating what I like the best. What's most convenient. I'm also completely stuffed right now -- beyond my comfort. I tend to do that, too :) Guess I love food.

So, have a great evening and check back tomorrow to see how Day 2 goes!

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