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>> Friday, May 21, 2010

In the FAQ post we published yesterday, we answered your question about our diets. I'm a vegetarian who eats cheese and the occasional egg or two. I tend to stay away from milk and "regular" ice cream, yogurt, etc. Stephen's a pescatarian, but only eats fish maybe 2 to 3 times a week (which, he told me last night, is an over-estimation). Regardless of what I call my diet, I'm realizing that . . . vegetarian doesn't always meant "healthy." Despite the yummy photos of all the healthy foods I create and eat, I'm not exactly consuming what I necessarily should (vitamins, minerals, too high/too low calories, etc.).

So, next week, I'm going to post a food diary of sorts and show you all everything I eat. Sounds exhausting and maybe like a little TMI. But I'm thinking some of you (I hope) will be interested. Not sure how it'll work just yet. Likely just one post per day (evenings) with the breakfast, lunch, and dinner shots -- and everything in between. Of course, all the normal blog posting will continue as well (so, be prepared for some awesome recipes and fitness tips!).

What do I hope to accomplish from posting my eats? Three things, mostly:
  1. I want to see where and how my diet is out of balance.
  2. I want to see where I could be stashing more greens or eating less fat, adding more variety and etc.
  3. I want to also (briefly) record my feelings/energy level as it relates to my activity . . . and see if I should be modifying my diet to meet my active lifestyle.
And from all of this, I hope to better my diet and incorporate more power foods. We'll get to that next week, too. So, I hope you'll join the fun, offer advice, and share in my successes and failures as I bare it all and show you what I eat in a week. It won't all be glitz and glam. I won't be crafting masterpiece meals to show off (no time for that). It'll be as true to life as possible, but far from boring!

Some predictions?
  • I'm eating too much saturated fat. OK, I have this addiction to nut butters and avocados right now that's out-of-this-world overboard.
  • I'm not eating enough fruits and veggies, mostly out of laziness.
  • I'm not eating enough for lunch -- making my blood sugar weird for my afternoon workouts.
  • I'm not drinking enough water.

Uhhh. Or something like that. Stay tuned . . .

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