Day in the Life of My Stomach

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've lost count. Not really sure what day we're on, but here's a quick summary of yesterday's eats. Definitely didn't eat enough in the first part of the day. And especially not enough carbs to fuel my afternoon run. So, when I headed out, not only did the heat get to me . . . but my lack of energy cut my run a couple miles short. What's fun about this food diary is that I can pinpoint exactly where I "went wrong" and fix it the next day. For breakfast today, I'm going to make sure I eat some kind of bread-y thing, whether it be toast, oatmeal, or etc.

I'll also be skipping the smoothie you see (above). Just because chocolate and cherries SOUNDS like a good combination -- well, it doesn't make it so.

Here's the day in pictures (minus the double chocolate granola bar) . . .

And here's the good stuff . . .

BREAKFAST: Chocolate-cherry smoothie (and it wasn't good -- a recipe fail).
SNACK: Huge Pink Lady apple.
LUNCH: Microwave sweet potato with hot pepper cheese melted on top.
SNACK: Carrot sticks. Also some peanut butter and chocolate chips (very small serving).
DINNER: Bagel with Earth Balance. Two chocolate-ish granola bars. Some red zinger lemonade.

So, there you have it. Didn't eat enough in the morning, tried to compensate by eating lots of bread-y stuff later on. But . . . in doing that, didn't eat enough veggies. I'd describe my energy level yesterday at very low. I have trouble when the seasons change with a lot of things. Eating is one of them. My allergies are another concern. And with running -- I always have this period of time where it just, well, sucks.

So, today I plan to eat a better balanced diet and hopefully reap the reward a little later on (a GOOD run for once this week would be nice). Looking at what I ate, it's extremely clear to me that I didn't eat nearly enough. And "being busy" is no excuse to eat poorly. It impact everything else. It's worth taking a couple minutes to prepare something nutritious. Now, I have to get ready because I'm biking to work. Should be a gorgeous day -- enjoy it!

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