GUEST POST: 5 iPhone Apps for Fitness Freaks

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you're looking to get in shape, lose weight, or just live healthier, there are many iPhone apps that can help make it easier and more convenient to do so. Below are listed five of the best apps for helping you improve your health and fitness, whether you're an amateur or a fitness freak.
  1. iFitness ($1.99) iFitness is an excellent way to provide variety to your workout. With pictures, descriptions and videos of over 300 exercises, iFitness makes it easy to form your own workout routines. The exercises are easily searchable by body region, intended goal, and equipment types. iFitness even includes a fitness tracker, so you can follow your results. If you want, you can even create your own exercise entry. This is a wonderful app for getting adding diversity or interest to your everyday exercise sets.
  2. GymTrainer ($0.99) Professional Gym Trainers can be expensive, but make your workouts more efficient. GymTrainer makes it easy to get the best of both worlds. GymTrainer is an inexpensive way to get workout routines based on whatever part of the body you want to develop. It also includes a fitness tracker and videos explaining the details of the exercise. If you wanted a simpler or slightly cheaper version of iFitness, GymTrainer is a great alternative.
  3. Calorie Tracker ($2.99) Diet is obviously a very important part of fitness, and Calorie Tracker makes it simple to keep track of how many calories you've consumed and how many you've burned. The app has a comprehensive database of the caloric content of over 600,000 foods and restaurant items, as well as a good list of exercises and how many calories they burn off. Calorie Tracker works with, and allows for syncing between the two, so it's easy to track your progress wherever you are. Calorie Tracker is good for everybody who's concerned with maintaining or reaching a healthy weight.
  4. Fitness Calculator ($0.99) Working out is nice, but of course you're doing it for the results. Fitness Calculator takes your body age, gender and measurements and provides a detailed overview of your overall fitness, including your BMI, metabolic rate, body fat percentage, and more. This app is an excellent way for anyone to keep track of your ideal body weight and help you make informed choices about your workout routine.
  5. All-in Pedometer ($1.99) The All-in Pedometer is an excellent replacement for traditional pedometers. Using the iPhone's motion-sensitive capabilities, it can distinguish between walking, jogging, and running, and counts steps, distance, and speed. You can set your own goals and objectives, and it includes a body tracking function to keep track of how many calories you've burned and more. It also allows you to play and control your music entirely within the app, and even allows you take phone calls while still counting your progress. This app is great for anybody who uses running as a major part of their fitness training.
Hopefully these apps will provide an inexpensive, easy, and uncomplicated way to improve and enhance your fitness goals.

Louise Baker, when not trying to get in better shape, writes for the Zen College Life directory of online schools. She most recently wrote about getting an online engineering degree. Image Source for iFitness photo, above.

Thanks to Louise for sharing with us all some cheap, convenient applications to help us stay in shape! And if you'd like to be considered for a Reader Spotlight or other guest posting opportunity, just check out our info post with all the gooey details.

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