Weekends Off: Not the Best Practice

>> Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let's just say I took the whole "weekends off" thing to a new level this weekend. We were traveling -- visiting my parents in PA -- and I basically ate bread and cheese all of Saturday. I also washed it all down with a couple beers. Then I ate brownies and bagel chips all of Sunday. I didn't even keep track, and I'm not exactly sure why. It's not the calories or quantity of food that's bothering me, really. It's more the lack of regard for my general nutrition. As a result, I noticed I felt awful/sick on these two days. I had a massive headache most of Saturday (which was only exacerbated by dehydration).

So, I am excited to return to my healthier eating this week. Without any calorie counting. Yesterday was a good start, though I didn't take photos. But the whole holiday meant more food than anticipated. Stuffed to the gills, so to speak.

What I ate (Monday, Memorial Day):
  • BREAKFAST: Multigrain bagel smothered in peanut butter and honey
  • SNACK: Apple
  • LUNCH: Multigrain chips and homemade guacamole (and lots of it!) with red zinger lemonade (recipe soon!)
  • DINNER: Huge serving of tarka dal (recipe soon!) with at least two (or three) double chocolate granola-ish bars (yes, got a little lazy and just stuffed a bunch in my mouth)
Anyway, yesterday's eating wasn't too terribly bad. But all weekend, I noticed I was incredibly tired (including yesterday). So tired, in fact, that I even skipped my long run. Could be due to Saturday's crazy 8.2 mile run (uhhh, check out that elevation chart).

But I'm almost positive it's from my poor eating. You can't expect to perform well if you just eat white bread and sugar. You go through periods of crashing, feel exhausted and less-than enthused about working out, and ultimately just sit on the couch and eat more because those foods give you little if any "real" nutrition.

Moving ahead. Here are some more photos from our trip to the mountains of PA this weekend . . .

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