And the Birthday Celebration Continues . . .

>> Thursday, August 19, 2010

Far from it. My lunch today? Roasted almonds, an Oreo brownie, coconut water, and a peach. I really need to plan better for tomorrow.

So, just a quick lunchtime blog. I seem to have run out of all my saved-up posts! I definitely am looking forward to having a low-key weekend for cooking and baking. And maybe some house projects (like painting our bedroom!). Oh, yeah. And writing posts!!! I have a gazillion ideas for great stuff I want to post for you all. Stephen does, too. In fact, he's thinking of starting a FAQs corner. He's not an expert, but he's got a ton of running experience, he's wicked fast, and he's a fun read.

OK. Yesterday, I ended up spending the rest of my birthday money. I know, I've been 27 for almost a month. I spent some on a new running outfit from the always-fabulous Lululemon (as seen above). I got the Run Speed Short (in black) and the Cool Racerback (in grey). At first, I was nervous about the short-ness of the shorts. But let me tell you -- I put them to the test last night -- absolutely no chaffing, felt great. I would buy more if my budget allowed right now.

You may have noticed I've incorporated yoga poses into each of the posts today. Why? Well, I need to get back into my practice. I'm incredibly tight from marathon training . . . and stretching feels amazing. Thing is: I need a yoga buddy! Yes. I can do it alone, but it's SO MUCH more fun when I have a friend to join me. We'll see about that. I'm planning to join a gym after the marathon because I like to add some variety to my routine. There aren't any fantastic gyms around here, though -- so, wherever I go will have to have some great spinning and yoga classes.

Onto my next self-gift. It's for yoga (so keeping with our theme). We went to Target during my lunch yesterday, and I found this cute yoga mat bag. It's similar to this one, but I can't find the exact color/pattern on their website. The bag is roomier than other bags I've had/seen, so I think I could stash a sweater and pair of Vibrams in there, too.

I love the embroidery detail. It's also slightly padded. I don't really know what benefit that provides for the bag, but it sure feels comfortable.

Last, I picked up some cartons of coconut water.

I'm obsessed with coconut water -- I always mix with either 1/3 to 1/2 coconut water and 1/2 to 2/3 regular tap water. That way, it isn't too sweet. My habit is getting the better of our beverage budget -- so I think I'll order a case on Amazon sometime soon. It's so worth it. It's a hydration like I've never known!

So, that's all for now. I have grand plans for dinner (after a nice and easy 5 mile run). Recipes will abound sooner than you know. Here's a question for you, now: When you get the gift of cash, how do you treat yourself? Do you save? Do you splurge? What do you invest in? One year, I used my X-mas dough to finance my gym membership. Another time, I bought cookware.

For me, the money never lasts. (Hi. My name is Ashley, and I'm a shopaholic.)

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