Healthy Living Week: Chrissy's Story

>> Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chrissy writes:

First of all, let me tell you how much I love your blog: a lot! I've been reading for a few months now, and just about every post is relevant, delicious, inspirational, and fun to look at (your photos are great!). It's always exciting to find someone writing original, accessible content, and you two are on a roll.

You're TOO sweet, Chrissy! Also, please note that all these awesome photos were taken by Chrissy's friend David Kimling.

As for my healthy living story, I am also what you call a "self-made athlete." While I have always tried to be active (mostly by doing aerobics classes via DVDs or my college gym) I never played sports, never thought of myself as competitive, and never really found enjoyment in getting my sweat on. Then, in 2004, I moved to Texas with my boyfriend, and a year after that, I learned that some women were starting up a local roller derby team. Even though I didn't know how to skate, even though I didn't *do* sports, and even though I was pretty sure I would break my neck at the first practice, I signed up.

For the next two years, I not only learned how to skate but worked my way up to team captain, practicing three times a week and going to the track on off days to cross-train. Suddenly, working out wasn't about getting a smaller butt - it was about kicking butt!

The stress of constantly trying to recruit in a small, southern town proved to be too much and after playing just two public bouts, my roller derby league broke up. For a few months, I didn't do much of anything and then, on a whim, I decided to train for a 5K as a New Year's Resolution, and even got some ex-rollergirls to train with me. We used the couch-to-5K plan and I ran my first race in March - 3.1 miles in 34 minutes. After that, I decided I wanted to get faster and go longer, and in February I ran my first marathon.

Running races and roller derby don't have much in common, but they give me the same rush, the same feeling of accomplishment, and most of all, the same reason to stay healthy and active. Because I like kicking butt, and this is the best way I know how!

Thanks for reading!

Chrissy (The New Me)

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