Heatlhy Living: Brittany's Story

>> Monday, August 16, 2010

Brittany writes:

I used to dread working out, just like most people I know. Nothing seemed to keep me motivated and I would quickly fall out of my workout routine. After a year of trying, I just gave up. I began to develop pains through my neck, shoulders and back. My strength decreased considerably and I could hardly even touch my toes. My pains became intolerable and I knew I had to find something to fix them. I decided to try one more thing although I knew in my mind I would hate it eventually. I signed up for a six week beginner’s yoga series, hoping that I would stick with it at least through the length of the six weeks.

On the first day of class, I entered the yoga studio filled with emotions. I was nervous to try this new experience, intimidated by what looked like confusing positions, but hopeful that my last option would come through for me and that I would actually enjoy my experience. My yoga teacher was friendly and welcoming, which was a relief. Throughout the class, she taught us step-by-step how to go through each pose.

Soon I was putting my body in positions I never knew I could do. We were taught to not judge, but to listen to our bodies. If we couldn’t reach that far, we didn’t have to. We only went as far as our body would allow us. It was a refreshing experience. I left the class happy and energetic, completely opposite of my feelings when I would leave the gym.

I could not believe how much I loved yoga and what a difference it made to my daily pains and aches, which were barely existent within in a few weeks. In between my six week beginner’s series, I took other yoga classes that the studio offered. I quickly developed an addiction and a need for yoga. I couldn’t wait to leave work to go to my yoga classes. Instead of lying on the couch watching TV, I would practice yoga. Instead of compulsively eating, I would practice yoga. I became my own yoga advocate, telling everyone about it. I wanted everyone to experience yoga and the many benefits of it.

Yoga made me aware of my body, how it reacted when moving different ways. My strength and flexibility greatly improved, as well as my posture. I am overall more happy and energetic. I cannot say enough about how yoga has helped improve my life.

Happy Blogging :)

Brittany (from RebelRoadSister)

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