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>> Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally Friday! We hope all of you are having a great pre-weekend day. (And those of you at the Healthy Living Summit look like you're having a great time in Chicago -- we're super jealous!) Our weekend plans aren't big. Grocery shopping. Reading. Dying hair (well, I'm doing that). Running 20-milers on Sunday (yikes!). You know. The usual.

We hope you've enjoyed our Healthy Living Celebration this week. We still have more stories to share. For now, though, we have pulled together all the latest on one handy-dandy page. There are also instructions on how you can submit your own story to us.

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We consider (never home)maker to be about 50 percent food blog. We take great care in creating some tasty recipes to share with you all. But we don't live in a bubble. In fact, we're always trolling the internet for foodie inspiration. Here are some of the recipes we're drooling over right now. And as soon as we get some more time in the kitchen, these will be the first foods we try to replicate.

(All images below belong to their respective blog owners -- we included them to entice you to visit their sites!)

101 Cookbooks

There's something completely irresistible about this Lasagna Tart. I simply can't pass on gorgeous Italian food. And I'm always looking for ways to use my tart pan.

Edible Perspective

Leave it to Ashley to come up with an amazing combination like Curry Honey Hummus. She's so creative -- and her photos of this dish are enough to make you drool on your keyboard.

Honey & Jam

I'm a sucker for an awesome chocolate cake recipe. This one isn't your typical take either -- it has a secret ingredient (in the cake AND frosting) for some extra punch.

Kiss My Spatula

How cool is this? Instructions on how to make your own mozzarella cheese. That's right -- make your own CHEESE. Complete with tasty photos.

Food Loves Writing

I've been a fan of Shannalee for a while now. Her combination of basil, peach, and cheese . . . grilled on sourdough. Heaven! Check out this new version of an old favorite (grilled cheese) as soon as you can. You still have time to pick up the ingredients tonight and make it for dinner!

Oh She Glows

Angela is always coming up with the best healthy desserts. She pushes the envelope . . . and I love seeing the new recipes she creates. These raw Cookie Dough Balls are no exception. Yum!

Kohler Created

By now, I think you know about our love of all things chocolate and peanut butter. So, when I saw these Reece's Pieces Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, I just about screamed with joy. Yeah. maybe candy isn't the healthiest thing ever -- but who says health bloggers have to "behave" at all times?

What are YOU cooking up this weekend? Have any big plans? Going to be bums like us? Let us know! Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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