Vacation: Wildwood Crest, NJ

>> Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's taken me a while to weed through and edit our vacation pictures. But, I've finished enough . . . and I'm just dying to post them for friends, family, and all you awesome readers. So, as I mentioned the other day, we were in Wildwood Crest, NJ, with my in-laws (Stephen's family) last week. It's an annual event that we all look forward to . . . and now that it has passed, we're already wishing away the days till July 2011.

Last week was also my birthday week, and I turned 27!

Still can't believe that one. And -- yes. My cake was in honor of shark week.

The weather was absolutely amazing. I mean, it rained maybe twice (though we did have a tornado warning and power outage for several hours on Sunday) . . . but otherwise, the temps were in the 80s and the skies were only minimally cloudy. Of course, this made for perfect running weather. I didn't even wear shoes once the entire trip.

Yup -- I ran barefoot on the beach or in my Vibrams (right after the above photo was shot, I took off my shoes because I couldn't stand them!). My feet are as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was at his prime. More on that in another post!

We also stayed busy with biking, walking, and kayaking. In fact, that's one of my favorite parts of being on vacation -- cross-training. While kayaking, Stephen and I found ourselves in the middle of a pod of dolphins. There must have been at least thirty of them in all. And one day I squeezed in an awesome 13 mile ride and 4 mile run.

And here's a tip I read in a magazine: Even if you don't eat well on vacation, if you keep your activity level up, you should maintain your relative fitness/weight. So, that was good news to me. Because for my birthday, we took to the boardwalk and put all those "best" pizza places to the test.

Only one spot could win. We were thorough in our evaluation -- including points about crust, sauce, cheese, and general portability on a scorecard. In the end, Sam's Pizza Palace won. And we want to take this pizza trek again next year because we simply couldn't try them all in one night.

I need not say much about the beaches. They were awesome. Sandy. Breezy. Full of great boogie-boarding waves. And all that water sure came in handy on the first couple days, when my beach runs were at noon in the near 100-degree temps.

Thanks, ocean.

Now, we've had some new additions to the family in the last couple years. The two cuties were loads of fun. I think these photos speak for themselves.

The rest of the family enjoyed a relaxing time. We all kind of did our own thing in the mornings (most of us headed out on runs, bike rides, walks, fishing expeditions, kayaking adventures, and some just slept in). In the afternoons, we went to the beach. It was that simple. In the evenings, we got together for dinners and desserts (so many great ice cream places!).

Even my dad came down for a night -- I think he enjoyed himself immensely. And please excuse my "angry glasses," as Stephen calls them. I rolled out of bed to clean the shore house . . . and, well, didn't exactly primp myself :)

Yeah. We could really get used to the whole not working, living by the ocean, eating out every night, running when we want to thing. Definitely zero stress. But, I guess until next year, we'll have to live through these little snapshot memories.

Tell us! Where have you vacationed (or where are you planning to vacation) this summer? We also camped in Maine earlier in July -- check out those photos now, if you like. And if you haven't yet entered our SHUTTERBUG giveaway, be sure to check that out for a chance to win a cute trivet.

One last thing: We have received an overwhelming response . . . tons of beautiful and motivational stories . . . to next week's celebration of healthy living. If you'd like to participate, it isn't too late! Just email us (at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.) and tell us what inspired YOU to live healthfully. No story is too short or silly, etc. We'd love to include you in next week's (and perhaps longer) posts.

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