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>> Monday, August 23, 2010

This weekend was good. As always, it went by too fast. Friday night started out with a visit from my parents and a nice 4 mile jog (and I mean jog -- my week was stressful, so I didn't exactly feel like speeding) around the neighborhood. As we do on almost all Friday nights, we went to Wegmans to get supplies for a dinner IN, including this gigantic opo squash.

Seriously: Lugging this thing around is like carrying a limb. A leg, in fact. I had to cut it into smaller pieces for storage, and now I feel like I know how Dexter feels. An opo squash is just like a huge zucchini, with a way more amazing flavor. And we have a great recipe to share a little later on in the week.

Saturday was relatively uneventful. We both ran 8 miles in the morning -- my run was amazing, Stephen's was so-so (his knee is bothering him). For a fleeting moment, we planned to paint the bedroom, but our laziness got the best of us and -- after a quick trip out to buy a birthday present for my mother-in-law -- we didn't do much of anything. We didn't cook either! Instead, we ordered take-out from our favorite local Indian restaurant.

NOM alert:

My favorite of all (and we got a lot, as you can see) was the mixed vegetable korma (stir-fried mixed vegetables blended with cashews & raisins in an almond sauce). And the naan, of course.

All Saturday night, we listened to the rain. When we woke on Sunday morning, it was pouring down as heavily as ever. Though it was a step-back week for both of us, we still had a hefty 12-miler to fit in -- rain or shine. So, Stephen was kind enough to join me on my run (also gave him time to go easy on his knee). We ran the 12 miles in around 8:38 pace.

Stephen wore his Garmin 405CX, so I benefited from all the GPS craziness it provides:

And, yes. Just like last week's 20-miler, the rain didn't let up one bit. But we loved every minute of it. We even drank some apple cider to celebrate. Though, I do feel a bit like I'm getting a cold . . .

Our friend Kevin visited us Sunday afternoon. We haven't seen him in a while -- so it was great to spend the entire day with him. I cooked a TON (made apple cider pound cake inspired by Richard Simmons -- hence the first picture in this post, apple-fennel stir-fry, chai, etc.). We listened to music. Our favorites from Ithaca (Lindsey + John) also came by for a brief chat.

And though it didn't really stop raining, we didn't really care.

Sunday night after Kevin left, I chatting with Ashley. Stephen and I watched Nip/Tuck. And shortly after, I tucked myself into bed.

What did you do this weekend? Can you BELIEVE it's almost fall? I drank my fill of cocoa-maple chai and cider this weekend. So, I say BRING IT ON! I'm done with the heat. And as soon as we're done training for the marathon, I plan to carve as many pumpkins, pick as many apples, bake as many pies, and jump into as many piles of leaves as I can.

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