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>> Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I thought it'd be nice to organize all my pregnancy posts in one place -- not only for myself -- but also for those of you either new to our blog or to pregnancy in general. If you have any pregnancy-related questions, don't hesitate to contact us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

We don't in any way pretend to be experts. This is our first go at becoming parents. But as I've learned these past nine months, it's always nice to know others have been there before. Right?

We got our first positive test on March 16th. The rest is . . . below!


I didn't write a lot about my first trimester of pregnancy. To us, it was all too new and uncertain to share with the world. But I definitely experienced all that came with it. The excitement. The fear. The food aversions and morning sickness.

Oh, the morning sickness!


Classic second trimester style: I had the most energy and -- by far -- felt the best. My belly was still small and lots of my clothes still fit. The aches and pains hadn't started yet. We took our Babymoon.

Things were . . . good.


By the time my third trimester came around in late August, I was tired. I began getting near-constant Braxton Hicks late in my second trimester. They continued at an uncomfortable rate (often happening for days at 5-10 minutes apart!). But we were getting closer! Who knows when this trimester will end, but it's sure to be sometime in the next two to three weeks.

Stay tuned . . .


I ran my last pregnant mile on Sunday, November 6th. 37 Weeks, 3 days. Overall, running treated me well throughout my pregnancy. But walking, workout DVDs, and yoga served as fantastic supplements. I slowed my pace, kept it easy/low-stress, and always treated each run like it might be my last. Ultimately, I stopped because running no longer feels comfortable to me.

I look forward to returning to my favorite activity post-pregnancy!

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