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>> Thursday, October 7, 2010

OK. Maybe it's not THAT bad. Breathe . . . This morning I went to visit my old blog ( I was planning to hunt around for this great pumpkin chili recipe I posted a couple years ago. In fact, a reader had written me recently to make sure the old site would stay up so she could continue to find that specific recipe.

Rhonda wrote: I tried your pumpkin chili recipe tonight and loved it! Please make sure it doesn't get lost from your old site when it closes.

And I guess I didn't understand what she meant by "when it closes" because I hadn't logged into my old site in over a year. She really meant the whole site -- all of VOX -- was closing! I had absolutely no idea -- I mean, I was planning to keep the old site up indefinitely. So, now I have this amazing chili recipe I created and it's just . . . gone!

Gone is the blog I maintained for over a year. Gone also is what I planned to post this morning. Yikes.

Well, I do have my current favorites to share with you. Stuff I've been enjoying lately. Stuff that's been keeping me happy. Stuff that's been keeping me sane. Number one on that list is Mighty Leaf tea. Wowzah! Have you ever tried their brews?

I hadn't. But when they contacted me earlier in the month and said they wanted to send me a few sachets to sample, I couldn't resist. Their chocolate-mint tea is absolutely ahhhhh-mazing.

Just mix in a splash of milk and a dash of sweetener (I used maple syrup), and you're got the most incredible hot beverage to carry with you throughout the day.

I think I even like it better than my homemade chai recipe. Is that even possible? I'm starting to lean toward . . . definitely yes.

Honestly, even if they hadn't sent me samples, if I had come across their tea on my own, I would have fallen in love. I'm not much into coffee (that's more Stephen's thing). But give me a good herbal tea. Well, any kind of tea, really. And I'm set. We have a million varieties at home. I like fruity kinds for the summer. Spiced varieties in the fall and winter months. And since I'm usually sick a lot of the springtime, I go with the more medicinal types.

Onto number 2 on the list: Breakfast for Dinner. Two nights this week, we had eggs, English muffins, hash browns, and a side of cooked spinach for dinner. I wrote last week about how I go off and on with my love for eggs. It's ON right now. And when you're tired and cranky, cracking open some easy protein and frying it up is just what the doctor ordered. Pass the hot sauce, please!

(And, don't worry, I fully admit that the photo is AWFUL. But I snapped it in the dark. Really fast. Go ahead, laugh a little!)

Number 3: Unique Chocolate Bars. Specifically Theo's organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolate. Move over fancy peanut butters, I found these bars at the Wegmans in Corning, NY, this weekend . . . and I just can't get enough. I mean, flavors like coconut-curry and fig-fennel? TEA in chocolate? C'mon. Plus, all the pretty art on the packaging makes these bars the perfect low-cost pick-me-up gift for a friend.

Homemade Peanut Butter is number 4 on our favorites list. Ashley has helped up break free from our costly peanut butter habit. We've been able to craft our own creative concoctions, including a chocolate coconut peanut butter, a maple-cinnamon peanut butter, and we're looking forward to a Nutella-esque variety in the near future. Yum. If you want to see how it's done, just check out this post.

Number 5 on the list: Cold-Eeze. I'm a convert. A true believer. Friends and family swear this stuff works. They've told me for years, but I didn't have any idea the effect would be so dramatic. I'm now thinking about taking a Zinc supplement. Seems like I really need the extra immune support.

So, my question for you is: Have you ever LOST a recipe you absolutely love? Even though you may have made it a gazillion times, did it take you a while to figure it out again? I've lost a few recipes, but never anything like that pumpkin chili. I'm a bit upset, but also excited to see what new twist I can bring to it. We'll see! Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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