Marathon Training, Part II and Our At-Home Gym

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi. So, it's been a while since I've talked running and fitness. I've talked about my feelings and disappointments. But it's time to get busy. And by that, I mean: ONTO MARATHON TRAINING, PART II.

Originally I planned to follow Hal Higdon's Senior Marathon plan after Wineglass. But we all know how THAT race went. As well as how I came to accept my D(id) N(ot) F(inish) standing. Simply put, though, when coming up with my schedule, I had to face the facts: My muscles didn't undergo the trauma of the marathon . . . so my training need not scale back so dramatically.

What am I doing exactly?

(((Please keep in mind that I've already completed a full training plan for the marathon this season. I would never try to run the distance with only 7 weeks of preparation!)))

This is a schedule I crafted using various plans on Hal's site. The mileage is slightly scaled back because I don't want to burn out from all this distance-heavy training. What I didn't include in this chart is the cross-training I'm planning to do. I'm doing more yoga. At least one day per week. I'm doing mini spin sessions at least 15 minutes in length twice a week (after shorter runs). Oh! Each Tuesday run will be a Vibrams run to keep my feet strong and healthy.

I'm also working my way back up to 50+ push-ups (I'm up to 3 sets of 40) and chin-ups.

Yeah. That's right. CHIN-UPs! Earlier in the summer I mentioned it was a goal of mine to do one chin-up. FINALLY I'm able to do one. Just one, though. But I've done that one on several occasions now. I'm slowly trying to work my way up to 10. Hello, negatives. You're my new best friends.

To get in all this yoga, cross-training, and upper-body stuff, you'd think we'd need to join a gym. Right? Not so much. We found a way to take our downstairs areas from this . . .

To THIS . . .

What IS that exactly? Well, it's a bar. That you can connect to any doorway (in other words, it's removable when we DON'T want to feel like we're living in a gym). Perfect for doing chin-ups and pull-ups. Stephen found it at TJ Max this weekend for -- drum roll, please -- $20.

See it now?


Stephen, of course, does 50 pull-ups, putting my efforts to shame. But there's tons of space now to follow my workout with a round (or two) of push-ups. Yoga. Even our spinning bike has a clear path to roll and fit snugly in front of the TV for a quick sweat session.

(Not looking so thrilled there.) Usually we watch short shows like Better off Ted, Arrested Development, The Office, and The I.T. Crowd. But we'd love some great spinning DVD suggestions. I'm also thinking about getting some workout DVDs like Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred everyone's been talking about.

Here's a tip: If you have your own spinner, it's a great idea to put an old yoga mat under it if you have wood floors. It protects from scrapes and sweat!

There. That's better!

For those of you who may not remember, we snagged our spinning bike for $475 at a local sports shop. So, that plus the $20 for the pull-up bar equals just about $500. And that's, well, WAY less than a gym membership for two. All in the comfort of our own home. (Seriously, people, we're notorious for having a gym membership that we never, EVER use!) We also have a few other items, like some 5 pound weights and a kettle bell. For the most part, our strength training is all using our body as the weight.

Does anyone else gym-it at home? As the weather gets colder out, we have genuinely considered joining a real gym. However, we both like running even in the cold. And none of the gym around here are anything to write home about. We'll see. Someday I'd like to get into swimming . . . at least for now, we're not planning to build an indoor pool addition on our house.

Let us know your thoughts -- as well as if you have tips for keeping everything sweet and fresh smelling after major sweat sessions near your dining room table! Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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