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>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Last night's storms blew many leaves off many trees. I'm sad to say that fall is speeding by like a bullet. It's crazy that next week, we'll be in November already! Now, I always say that consistency is key. And we didn't post a weekend update this week. So, we'd like to get you caught up on some stuff going on in the (never home)maker household.

1.) I took my brie stuffed-crust pizza photos outside yesterday morning. Yes. For those of you who were wondering, my neighbors saw me. Oh well. It looked a little something like this:

Compared to lighting in my kitchen at 7:00 AM, the top of the chiminea is a fabulous studio. Not so fabulous is my hair on mornings when I'm rushing around too much to dry it. I use an old trusty hat for that. But that's another story.

2.) Our house looks especially fall-liscious in the wake of a weekend get-together. If you want to beef up the autumnal spirit in your own abode, you don't need much. A little orange goes a long way. To spice up our fireplace, we used an old table-runner and folded it in half . . .

It created a great base for our other decorative items -- the grapevine we always have on there, some pumpkins, a couple owl candle holders (sans candles). And one of our new favorite cheap-o ways to decorate is to use bell jars, sand, and tea-light candles.

Cost for each? Under $1.

3.) I've been forcing myself to eat salad for lunch. I hate salad, but using tarami sauce instead of traditional salad dressing seems to make the medicine go down better.

Also, if I top my salad with some beans, bits of bread (or what I affectionately call "lazy-croutons"), and use colorful green-age, I can tolerate it much better. Oh, yeah. And I can't just eat salad. It never fills me. A good cup-o-soup is absolutely necessary. Right now, I'm still slurping down my smoked pumpkin chili. Every single day.

4.) I don't yet have a Halloween costume. Well, I'm 27. So, I guess it's not CRITICAL (as much as it feels like it is). And sadly, this year it won't matter much. We have no plans. Nada. Looks like I'll be dressing up for myself.

One idea I have is to be Deb from Napoleon Dynamite . . .

I mean, I already enjoy taking glamor shots, so it'd give me an excuse to be shutter-happy if we DO indeed go somewhere. Plus, I can totally rock a side pony and fanny-pack.

5. I finally enjoyed my Wineglass Marathon champagne. This tidbit is from a couple weeks ago. As silly as it sounds, I had considered not drinking it because I didn't feel I earned it. But after the Bread for Schools Half Marathon, I figured I'm still doing great things with my running. So, I mixed it with cider to infuse the spirit of that half marathon, and enjoyed.

6.) We're working on our 1-year blogiversary celebration week posts. We'd like to do some fun stuff, including a FAQ video for you all! If you have questions about cooking, baking, running, decorating -- ANYTHING, really -- just send them our way. You can always email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll only use your first name when we answer, so don't be shy! Ask us anything!

7.) A reader wrote to us last night with concerns about our current giveaway. I just wanted to state again that: We don't back any products on this blog unless we're passionate about them. And just because we're given stuff to try . . . it doesn't mean we're going to always say we like it. For the record: ML's mint chocolate truffle is my favorite hot beverage right now. Yes. Better than my homemade chai.

Honest. (And those of you long-time readers know I'm all about honesty here!)

And no need to worry that (never home)maker is turning into cleverly disguised advertising. We don't blog full-time, so we're not out hunting around for advertisements and other promotions (we get lots of pitches for sales-y guest posts, for example). We turn down offers that don't make sense. We happily accept the ones that do -- and I think the Mighty Leaf giveaway is awesome. If you haven't yet, you should enter!

What are YOU going to be for Halloween? Also: Don't forget! If you have questions about one of our many hats (running, cooking/baking, healthy living-ing, etc. . . . and that last one is just to throw you! No babies right now!), just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll answer as many as we can during our 1-year blogiversary love-fest.

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