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>> Monday, October 11, 2010

This weekend has been incredible. And I say "has been" because we both have the day off for Columbus Day. I'm going to keep this post short because I have a ton to do. More on that later, though.

Friday evening, Stephen joined me for a speedy 5-miler through our neighborhood. Then, we moved around some furniture in our living and dining rooms to give our whole place a new look. Seriously, we never used the dining room. And the living room felt cramped. With the updated arrangement, we have a living room, dining nook, and TV/family room. I can't begin to describe how much bigger everything feels.


These photos are just a sneak-peek. We're not done yet -- still finding the right accessories, etc. -- but one thing I'm thrilled about is that we don't need to re-paint everything. Originally, we planned to paint the walls a neutral tan-ish tone. I hate painting with a passion . . . with everything moved, the color doesn't feel as cold anymore. Accessories can do a lot. Seriously!


Our TV room is still very much under construction. But, I love that we were able to make better use of our Salvation Army find from a couple years ago. It's my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house!

Yesterday my friend Dani and I trekked to Fabius, NY, and we ran a half marathon. Dani ran the Wineglass Marathon last weekend, so her finish was especially awesome. What a rockstar! I didn't PR, nor was I expecting to, but I finished in 1:47:31 and earned a place in the top 15 -- 12th women's overall, to be exact. I plan to write an entire race report once I get some more photos.

Let's just say, I'm so happy I had the opportunity to run this race. It solidified my love for the half marathon distance.

So, that's a bit of what's to come this week -- including a full budget breakdown of our first floor transformation. For now, though, we're off to do what we do best: RELAX. As well, I need to do like fifteen mounds of laundry, cook and bake, clean, buy groceries, and do all other kinds of glamorous homemaking stuff. We're also going for a short Vibrams jog . . . I can't wait!

What did YOU do this weekend? Here in NY the weather has been incredible. The leaves are colorful . . . and the sun is shining. Hope you're having a great day! Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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