Weekend Happenings: Blogiversary Edition

>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY WEEK TO US! I can't believe (never home)maker looked like it did (in the above photo) when we were just starting out. It's not that I hate the design. But, we've changed so much! And more than just the look. In a year, we've gained lots of like-minded blog-friends. We shifted our focus from a food/home and sometimes fitness blog to a food/fitness/motivation and sometimes home blog. And . . . we're blushing. Because we just reached over 3,000 subscribers.

We love each and every one of you.

More blogiversary stuff is to come later in the week -- including a FAQ post and some results from the survey you helped us with. (Thank you!) Our weekend was . . . well . . . incredibly uneventful. In a good way. But there's really not much to write about as a result. I could try to stretch it out and explain how my knee feels. How the weather is. How many leaves are blowing around our backyard right now. Etc.

Or, I could just sum it up in a short list:
  • Didn't exercise. At all. Time off.
  • Bought a new coat. It's awesome.
  • Watched 2 movies: Howl (yay!) and Killers (eh...).
  • Built a light box. But still prefer natural light.
  • Wrote a new budget. More info on it/savings techniques soon . . .
  • Bought Saucony Kinvaras. For when I CAN run again. Someday?
  • Thought about trying hot yoga. Chickened out.
  • Made green tea cookies and quinoa ginger snaps.
  • Cut bangs. Still getting used to them.
  • Turned back the clock. Part of me died. So dark when I leave work!
I'll be posting the instructions on how to build your own light box tomorrow (so, Julie, just one more day! I promise!). If you can't wait, all you need to do is Google it. That's right! I didn't make up the process. There are lots of differed methods. The results are all the same. I'm happy with how it works. But I still prefer taking photos in natural light. They just have a warmer feel.

Here are some of the first shots I took:

You can pin up any background you like in the back to give your photos a different feel:

(Behind the scenes shot:)

Our box is big enough to fit a cat . . . I know you'll all be thrilled about that!

What's funny is that this weekend last year, I also cut bangs AND didn't exercise. But I didn't run at all because I was horribly sick. For an entire week. In bed. Shaking with a high fever. Terrified I wouldn't be able to run the marathon. Ick. It was not a good time. (But I think it was one reason I started the blog. I got so bored being confined to bed. I had to do SOMEthing!)

And the bangs last year were, well, better looking last year than what I just chopped. Which is why I don't have a photo from the current look . . . so you'll have to settle for the old one.

It reminded me of this awesome Veggie Pho soup I made. It was the only thing I could eat. Warm and full of nutrition. It was probably the best choice for my anyway. So, if you're not feeling so great (or even if you are!), check out the recipe!

How are you all dealing with the time change? I feel out of sorts still. Mostly because it's so dark when I leave work, so I feel like I'm living in a cave. Ugh. And it's only the beginning! Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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