Weekend Happenings: T-Giving Edition

>> Monday, November 29, 2010

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I'm thankful for my break from work and blogging . . . which gave me more time to spend with family and friends. Though, I now feel somewhat exhausted from driving from place to place. It's one of those "I need a vacation from my vacation" kind of feelings. Hopefully December will go relatively fast -- I can't wait till my next big sweep of time off.

Wednesday I went to my first-ever physical therapy appointment. (You may remember that I learned little last week from my orthopedist about what's wrong with my knee.) What my PT told me wasn't incredibly shocking. My IT band is tight. My muscles in my left leg aren't as strong (but also no so terribly different) as in my right leg. Doesn't necessarily explain the sharp kneecap pain . . . that's still puzzling everyone . . . but it all likely started with my SI joint (in my back). No the piriformis muscle, as I had thought.

I'm doing stretches and strengthening exercises . . . and over the weekend I seem to have dropped the sharp kneecap pain. Now, I'm feeling the classic outside-of-the-knee-where-the-IT-band-connects pain. I have two appointments this week. So, we'll see! I'm also rolling with "The Stick" and thinking about trying the KT tape again. Overall, I'm hoping it's the IT band because that's a much better issue to deal with than cartilage or some other injuries.

Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) we visited my family in Pennsylvania. The weather was somewhat terrible driving down (ice and snow), but we made it on time . . . with some tasty cookies and chili.

The chili was a variation on our favorite smoked pumpkin kind we love so much. We didn't have any pumpkin puree (I blame the chocolate pumpkin pies for that!), so we thought maybe beets would work. The reviews were mixed, but I'm not a fan. Stick with the pumpkin, and you'll love that recipe.

The cookies? A Double-Chocolate Scottish Oatmeal Chipper. Recipe will be posted later in the week!

Friday we set out on an epic cleaning mission. I have so many clothes . . . so I took ALL of them and dumped them in the spare bedroom. Stephen helped, but I went through each and every single piece of my clothing and decided if it was a KEEP, TOSS, MAYBE, or SELL/DONATE.

In all, we now have two huge garbage bags stuffed with stuff to donate or sell. As well, we have an entire bag of shoes! Woah. More on this later in the week.

Saturday I drove to Ithaca to meet up with Julie (Savvy Eats) and Heather (Then Heather Said). These girls are so nice! The minute I got there, they told me they wanted to hit up my favorite Thai restaurant for lunch!

We ate great food and chatted about blogging (particularly how clueless I am with all the technical stuff).

We shopped at all kinds of awesome thrift spots!

My favorite finds:

We rounded out the visit with a trip to GreenStar, the natural foods coop. I bought dry roasted peanuts and cashews and made nut butters. I bought rice marshmallows and made peanut butter rice treats. I bought two bags of my favorite ready-in-5-seconds cookie dough.

Sunday I was in such a great mood after my visit with these ladies (and trip to my old stomping grounds). I decided to create one of my favorite college meals: DP Dough. For those of you who aren't familiar, DP Dough is a chain of calzone take-out joints. I believe their tagline is something like: "The pizza alternative." Let's just say, their calzones are WAY better than pizza. They're also WAY high in calories and WAY low in nutritional value.

I ate many my freshman year of college. In fact, I think DP Dough was the first place I drove to off campus. Anyway, making them at home, I was able to control the calories (my variety was just over 700 versus what I think is more like 1,200 for the original). And here's the cool thing . . . mine tasted pretty much identical!

So, that's the holiday weekend rundown. What have you been up to? Please note that all the food in this post (well, that I've made -- not the Thai) will be covered later in the week. (Do you see anything you'd like posted sooner rather than later?)

Though we very much enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal at home with family . . . we are looking forward to next weekend. We've decided to go crazy with decorating the exterior and interior of our house. And we'll need food to keep us going.

We need your help: WHAT should we make? So far, we're thinking some purple potatoes mashed with coconut milk, some cranberry-glazed tempeh, and stuffing. But we'd love suggestions! Give us a link to your favorite holiday foods!

Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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