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>> Wednesday, December 1, 2010

That's right! We changed the site design . . . again. We promise to not make a regular habit of it. But this time, we were on a mission. We overhauled the entire layout, too. It's not just for looks, people. The results of our survey revealed that many of you thought the old navigation was OK. However, many others thought we could use a bit of TLC in the area.

You're smart. And we wholeheartedly agreed with your comments.

So, we've moved from a two column layout to a three column one. Mostly, it's because we want to create better ways to find our posts (as you'll notice, this part is still in the works). We hope to get it all looking far less busy than it did on the previous iteration.



Now, I know you're wondering about the colors. The new scheme is perhaps a symptom of the season. It's cold and grey outside today. The bright colors just didn't reflect what's going on right now. Plus, I had the opportunity to shoot some photos this morning and create a new header. (Those lights from our DIY lightbox really came in handy!) The result was a cool-toned picture that didn't exactly jive with a bold background.

The photoshoot? It was a disaster if we're being entirely honest.

But most of the clutter and filth (no, we have yet to purchase our mini dishwasher) was out of frame.


Lots of props to play with. And after just a couple shots (I took only 20!), I settled on one I liked. Though, there was a close second. Unfortunately, it didn't reflect the whole fitness aspect of our site.

Here she is:

After adding some contrast and adjusting shadows, the header was complete. The next part went pretty quickly. I'd had the template picked out for a couple of weeks . . . just needed the courage to make the switch. Thankfully, it was relatively painless. And I'm pretty sure I like it. Takes some getting used to, but there's a lot more flexibility.

(Here's a trick for not-so savvy bloggers -- like me! -- out there. If you can -- set up a test site that mimics your "real" site. And just make sure you test everything before going live and changing the live page.)

So, that's the story of why we're looking quite different today than we did yesterday. We invite all you RSS followers to click through to neverhomemaker.com and check it out. Let us know what you think and if you have suggestions (Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com).

Obviously, we're listening . . . or I wouldn't have risked it all, gained a few grey hairs, and slightly freaked out during my morning break today. Let's just take a moment to look at the image above.

We've definitely come a long way in just over a year! Woah!!!

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