The Secret is Salt! Who Knew?

>> Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things were said. Measurements were overlooked. Mistakes were made. Results were, well, fabulous. I mean, who knew that the secret to absolutely perfect sugar cookies is salt?

I sure didn't.

Yeah. I tooled around with my favorite sugar cookie recipe (an original!) the other night . . . and accidentally doubled the salt (I was making a half batch -- it happens). Oops!

And what's that graininess you see (in the baked good -- not my photo!)? Cornmeal. In sugar cookies, cornmeal happens when you run out of flour and make due without heading into the blustery, blizzardy night.

Yet, it seems it was another sort of divine intervention. The texture and flavor is just what the cookie needed!

I kept with the theme and added double salt to my frosting as well. A couple drops of food coloring later, and my new favorite Christmas cookie was born.

Sugary and sweet.
Salty, for sure.
Crumbly and crunchy.
Perfectly browned.
Topped with frosty, pure heaven.

You don't get the recipe today. No. But don't worry. Last year, we gave you a free eBook featuring our favorites. Next week, and consider this your very formal invitation, we're taking the entire week to post our 12 favorite holiday cookie recipes.

Or, should we say, new favorites? 12 recipes for the 12 days of Christmas, of course. As a challenge, they will be treats in all themes related to the popular song. Don't ask us how, but there will even be a cookie for the Six Geese A-laying.

This weekend is sure to be an adventure.

What are your favorite holiday cookies and bars? Do you have any requests or know how we can put a cool spin on the Five Golden Rings or Twelve Drummers Drumming? Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

The peanut butter blossom gets me every time. For me, there's no better combination than peanut butter and chocolate! If you want the recipe, check out last year's FREE eBook . . . Holiday Cookie Fest: 2009.

PS: All photos of the sugar cookies in this post were taken at night. In the dark. In my DIY LIGHT BOX. Have you made yours yet? Ashley did! And it took her far less time than it took us!

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