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>> Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm on my lunch break. And I couldn't help thinking about this day last year. I wore slippers to work. Few people are in the office after Wednesday, so I like to take full advantage of the ultimate-casual option when I get the chance. This year? Sweatpants. No joke. It's freezing outside and I recently bought a pair of pretty oatmeal-colored sweats from Target.

I think the whole thing looks OK-ish.

Plus, I'm headed to a PT appointment soon for another dose of my beloved hydrocortisone. So, the ensemble is definitely functional!

Related: My goal on this break is to wear comfortable clothing during the day and dress up at night. (Turning my world upside down!) Eat great food -- when I feel like making it. Exercise -- when I feel like exercising. Nap -- just because. And just revel in the life of the non 9-to-5-ers.

I can't freaking wait. My only worry is that I'll never want to get back on a "regular" schedule.

Ever again.


Remember when I tore out the door to our kitchen pantry? I'm embarrassed to say it was pretty much a year ago. And we've done nothing with the space since! I'm hoping to complete the first stage of the overhaul over break.

The project is going to be SUPER easy and SUPER cheap. Not only because we like 'em that way. But because we want to cut back our spending after the holidays. All the instructions and juicy details will be posted ASAP, of course.

Other stuff I want to do:
  • Enjoy myself. But I've already covered that.
  • Run a 10-mile long run (if the knee cooperates).
  • Swim 1.5 miles at one time.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Paint my nails.
  • Catch up on reading Runner's World (I've been avoiding it while injured).
  • Bake bread. New kinds!
  • Begin another healthy detox.
  • Go snowshoe running . . . at least once.
  • Organize our bathroom.
  • Organize our cupboards.
  • Shoot a couple video posts.
  • Play around with my new camera lens.

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