Top 10 Crazy Recipes

>> Friday, December 3, 2010

We like to pretend we're classy. That our recipes are represent legitimate, fine cuisine. But, c'mon! Food is fun . . . and if we think about it too much, the taste and intense emotion -- no, pleasure! -- it gives us is lost in pretension. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fancy meals. I even like to talk about my food in fancy ways. But when we were watching a cooking show recently, one of the judges referred to the ethereal texture of the food.

Barf. I'd rather be elbow deep in cheese than enjoying some light, airy nothingness (the food she was referring to needed to be examined under a microscope in order to see it).

Plus, we're thinking of the weekend. And our weekend meals are messy and BIG. It's surely time to indulge. Time to try new things. Today, we'll make it easy for you. Here are some of our favorite, more excessive or eccentric recipes. Get ready to drool!


That's right. Pizza dough with beet puree in it. Sounds a little like something your mom might try to sneak into your dinner, but trust us -- you'll fall head over heels for this pretty pink stuff.


Don't let the banana coin on the top fool you. This is a crazy cupcake experience. Dedicated to the man himself -- and his infamous peanut butter-bacon (we left that part out) sandwich -- Elvis Presley.


Not for the faint of heart, the vegetarian tofu wings will make you sweat! Just fry and cover in your favorite hot sauce. NOM.


OK. Admittedly, this alone isn't terribly indulgent. It's what you do with it that gets on the awesome side. We made challah french toast (that we just COULDN'T stop eating) and even made a grilled Nutella-banana sandwich. Delightful!


This photo is of only HALF the cake. Another layer stacks on top . . . and then the whole thing is covered with a thick pumpkin-Nutella frosting. See, we really CAN put pumpkin in EVERYTHING.


We learned to put apples on sandwiches when we were in Lake Placid over the summer. Ever since, we've been hooked. With some basil and brown mustard, it's pure heaven for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner. (Yes. I'm open to eating mustard for breakfast!)


You don't have to live near a Melting Pot to eat great fondue. In fact, you can make it on your stove top. The trick is choosing the right beer. And we love hops. Cheese, beer, bread. COMBINED. What is better than that?


A serious pie with serious taste. The dough for this monster needs no rising time. The fillings are really up to you. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be amazing.


Inspired by Man versus Food, this tofu burger means business. Stuffed with cheese, topped with more cheese, and slathered in mustard . . . you won't go to bed hungry with this one!


One hell of a sandwich. Piled high with homemade seitan, cole slaw, sweet potato fries, and avocado slices. Smothered in a special sauce. This 5-pound monster (that's an example of hyperbole, boys and girls!) is our all-time favorite.

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