Weekend Scenes: Decking the Halls

>> Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at casa (never home)maker. You may remember our sad tree from last year's post -- its lights were rendered useless by our cats in 2008.

But . . . my parents, who just recently moved closer to us, visited on Saturday to help us pimp out the exterior of our house. While they were at it, my dad fixed our tree . . . and we discovered that cats must certainly have nine lives (woah -- all the severed wires in there)!


Now, we've never decorated outside before -- well, aside from a strand of lazily strung lights -- but our lack of spirit was certainly glaring compared to all the festive stuff adorning other houses in our neighborhood. (We also replaced the two horribly warped shutters and plan to add more in the near future.)

But it was fun! Even if we were outside for several hours and couldn't feel our fingers and toes by the end of the day.

Yes. It's been snowy here. And cold. We have several inches of the white stuff, and I just invested in my first pair of proper snow boots. Please. Tell me why it took so long for me to figure out that flats sans socks isn't comfortable in winter!

These boots (North Face Women's Nuptse Bootie III, Fur) are pretty basic. However, all the other, prettier ones I tried on were too tall. Too bulky. And my favorite-looking pair honestly reminded me of the leg brace I had to wear during an injury in college. Ick!


There's a tutorial coming soon for how to make your very own colorful, recycled cloth garlands using old t-shirts!

I went a little crazy making ours on Saturday morning. I sat cross-legged for like three hours . . . and I think I tweaked my knee again. (But I had a PT appointment this morning. Hopefully that'll get me running again!)

And no weekend, x-mas-related or not, would be complete without the self portrait. We need to take these over again because I couldn't for the longest time figure out how to get my camera to do a timed shutter release.

Stephen wasn't thrilled by the wait:

We managed to get at least one good photo. But the cats aren't really in there:

Do you love to decorating for the holidays? We've always enjoyed decking the halls. And if you do, too -- tell us! Do you prefer traditional colors, crazy all-over-the-place ones(like us), or a more sophisticated palate? Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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