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>> Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One of my most favorite x-mas gifts this year came from my parents. (Well, I got a lot of great presents this year, but more on those another time.) This gift? A 50mm lens for my D90.

Hi!!! Julie got one, too. And she and I will both tell you it's a relatively inexpensive gadget with magical powers.

Depth of field. Oh, it's glorious.

I've written it before and will most certainly write it again: I'm no expert at taking photos. Goodness no. Half of what I shoot . . . I like. The other half is pretty piss-poor. So, with no formal photography education . . . and only limited time to learn, I do the best I can.

I practice on Stephen.

I practice some more.

And even more.

In the new year, I want to learn more technically. About settings. ISO. Aperture (I shoot mostly in aperture priority out of habit). The best lighting. Moreso, I want to develop myself artistically. I feel a lot of people dwell on the mechanics of it. But you don't need a DSLR to take good photos. Even if you have one and you can't seem shoot a "perfect" fuzz-free photo, sometimes those imperfect ones with a great eye behind them are way better. (At least in my armature opinion.)

We (the collective "we") talk a lot about goals, especially at this time of year. Accomplishing things. Stuff that's measurable. Deadline-driven. I challenge you to dig deeper this year: What's something you want to develop or grow within your self? For me, it's -- don't laugh at how pretentious this sounds -- my inner artist.

OK. You can laugh. That statement sounds somewhat incredibly ridiculous.

I have the tattoo "aria" on my left wrist and people often ask me what it means. "Is it someone's name?" No. "Well, what the hell is it?" (I explained it in this post.)

"Oh . . ." is the response I usually get when I explain. Most of my current friends just can't see it. But art (music, specifically and foremost) used to be a huge part of my life. No. It WAS my life until age 18. Then I went to college and took up this self-made athlete thing and never looked back.

Sure, I sing in my car. I fuss with my guitar every couple of weeks . . . but my muscle memory is ever-dwindling. So, this year -- along with developing my photography as an art -- I want to beef up that musician within myself that's atrophied. Shriveled up to make room for my strong calves and buff biceps.

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