Three PRs, One Race

>> Monday, January 31, 2011

Remember our last Freeze 10K? The one where Stephen and I both PRed? Well, we ran the last one in the series on Saturday . . . and we beat our previous times (I came in at 47:51, 7:42 pace; Stephen finished in 34:38, 5:35 pace). It's been a good month for racing!

The temperature was right around 23 degrees F with very little -- if any -- wind. But that didn't keep me from bundling. (Thanks go out to my mother-in-law for taking these great photos!)

Despite training for the Boston Marathon, Stephen has seriously raced his 10Ks this month. Some of you will be interested to know that he's running almost exclusively in Vibrams these days (And has been -- high-mileage -- for a while now). I'm trying to get him to write a post on the whole experience.

In short (and in his words): Once you go barefoot, you never go back.

I'm still sporting Nike Free (I'm just as enthusiastic about this shoe as Stephen is about his finger feet) -- and I'm happy to report that during the race, I experienced zero knee or IT-band pain.


Get this: Our friend Dani also PRed yesterday.

(You remember Dani, right? She's the gal who ran my last half marathon with me.) Basically, I think conditions were perfect for a January race in the Northeast!

Oh, yeah. And not to brag . . . though, it's definitely brag-worthy. Stephen didn't just win the race yesterday. He won the entire SERIES. A lot of our other runners club friends did well in the overall, category, too.

A BIG CONGRATS to everyone!

I'm still out-of-this-world shocked that I was able to break into the 47s at this race. Last year, my best time was 49:00. So, I've said it before . . . and I'll say it again: SWIMMING is to thank for my improvement. Sunday, Stephen and I both headed to the gym for a thank-you-we-love-you-pool mile swim.

Stay tuned for the iHerb giveaway winner -- as well as a tasty and incredibly easy lunch-time recipe. And if you have questions about running in Nike Frees or Vibrams, just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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